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Date of Birth: 10/28/1982

Age: 34

Place of birth: Northampton

Citizenship: United Kingdom

The youngest Doctor Who

Hard to believe, but Robert Smith Matthew (Matthew Robert Smith) was not going to be an actor or a child or a young man. He was born October 28, 1982 in the English town of Northampton; already I grew up in a family of his older sister, Laura Jane, who later became a dancer. David Smith, his father, was a professional footballer and played for the local team, and after the termination of his sports career, a family business founded on processing plastic. Matt is very fond of football, and the same as the code-his father, played in central defense. He successfully played for the youth team `Northampton taun`, then for teenage team `Forest` Nottingham, and finally entered the youth team of the club` Leicester Siti`. At age 16, Matthew suffered a serious back injury. David Smith, who really wanted his son also became a professional footballer, in the course of the year Matt was engaged in treatment in various clinics, but to overcome the effects of trauma and failed. During high school, Matt was fond of not only football - he enjoyed playing the piano, was fond of chess and participated in school plays. Smith assured the teacher that he had a great acting talent, and insisted that it is in this his calling. Matt Smith wanted to study in Cambridge or another prestigious university and study political science, however, after taking part in a school production of the famous play `12 Angry muzhchin`, where he played the role of the Tenth assessor, changed his plans. He became a student of the actor`s art and literature Norichskogo University.

In 2003, after completing the course of study he was the actor Matt Smith National Youth Theatre. His theatrical debut was Thomas Becket in the play `Murder in sobore`, and then he played Faggot staged` Master and Margarity`. After that the performance of Matt Smith talked about as a serious actor. He joined the troupe of the famous London Theatre Royal `Kort`, then began to take part in the performances of the Royal National Theatre. Delivered in 2007, the theater Royal `` That play kort` litso` where Matt was playing 19-year-old son of an alcoholic mother, was nominated for `Olive`, and Smith himself was awarded the` Best debyut`.

At the same time the young actor began working on television. The first notable role was the future of celebrity rags Jim Taylor in the television movie `Rubin in mgle` (2006). In 2007, the actor was selected to participate in the famous English TV series `Party Animals`, telling about the political life of British parliamentarians. He played a central role - a young politician Danny Foster, and his game has attracted the attention of critics.

Next on the role of television has become a truly star for the young talented actor. `Doctor Who` - it is a cult series Bi-Bi-Si, launched in 1963, which became noticeable yavleniemangloyazychnoy culture and marked by numerous awards. The protagonist of the series, eccentric and intelligent doctor, travels in a time machine, changing for the better the existing worlds, and along with his own appearance.

In October 2010, the actor David Tennant, the tenth performer of this role, announced the termination of the shooting. As announced by the casting involved a lot of actors, more famous than Matt Smith, who also never in my life did not watch this show. Shortly before that, Matt failed in the casting - he auditioned for the role of Watson in the famous television series `Sherlok`, but the director said he would suit the role of Holmes, but it has already been approved, Benedict Cumberbatch. But the role of `Doctor Kto` Smith was lucky - he was the eleventh and youngest of her performers. The controversy over the new artist nominees were running high for a long time, but stopped as soon as Matt appeared on the screen. During the filming of the actor several times been nominated for various awards. From them he received the award `SFX` (2010), and` BAFTA TV` (2011), Best Actor, and the award `Scream` (2011) Best Actor in a science fiction film. Another award `SFX`, as well as the` National Television` Prize was awarded to Matt Smith in 2012.

In parallel with the `Doctor Kto` actor began acting in its spin-off called `The Adventures of Sarah Dzheyn`. In 2013, to replace Matt Smith came twelfth `Dr. Kto` - Peter Capaldi, who removed to the present time. Besides working on the famous TV series, Smith also participated in the filming of several movies. In 2010, he starred in the fantasy film `Chrevo`, which caused interest as shown in its issue of cloning, and participation is already a well-known TV stars. The unusual pattern and psychological penetration was observed pursuant to Matt Smith, the role of the famous writer Isherwood in his autobiographical film `Christopher and similar emu` (2011). This role earned him a nomination for the award `Stonewall`. In 2012 saw the release of `Bert and Dikki` in which Smith played the role of the Olympic champion in 1948 Bert Bushnell. Thanks to this film the actor has become one of the torch bearers of the Olympic flame of the London Olympics. The latest to date, the work of Smith is a role in the thriller `Bully reka` Lost (2014). In the same year it was announced that Matt Smith was casting for the part in the filming of the fifth film of the series `Terminator`, which is scheduled for release in 2015. Among the performers of this film, Arnold Schwarzenegger and other famous actors; whom will play Matt Smith, so far unknown. In addition, he currently plays at the stage of London`s `Almeyda`. As for the personal life of Matt Smith, in the press from time to time there are reports of his affair with actress and model, but an official relationship it does not go.

Author: Andrew Puminov

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