Mathod Man

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Birthday : 02.04.1971 year

Age: 45 years

Place of Birth : Staten Island, New York, USA

Citizenship : SShA

Originalnoe name: Clifford Smit

Original name: Klifford Smit


And it would be a clown in the circus, if he had not found himself in rap. Bringing it all the attributes of quality clowning.

Youth held in rayonchike Park Hill, later glorified as the Killa Hills 10304. Conceived some Russian singer described his youth in the song, probably came to something like " life was a tramp ," and so on. With the formation of the formation of the guy somehow did not develop.Tried to work - ie

. The first recording took place at home RZA. Budget work was microscopic, but are interested in the material label Loud Records, issued the legendary band`s debut "Enter The Wu-Tang". One of the brightest hits album was the solo "Method Man", a memorable refrain " Uh -I- Tee - Eich - Oh - Dee - Man " - goldMan - a fan of comic books and all his numerous "second self" seemed to have gone to their pages. Yes, and he and his zakadykoy Redman embodied Chronicles and Pyhar of Kevin Smith`s films of " Jay and Silent Bob. " Speak method involves MZA, Iron Lung, Johny Blaze, Ghost Rider, and so on. D. Is he still on

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