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Citizenship : SShA

Originalnoe name: Percy Miller

Original name: Persi Miller


In rap, unknown artist can lead hot dvuhsotki " Billboard ", leaving out of business their famous colleagues and other musicians.Recently, such a feat made American rapper Percy Miller (Master P),

Miller `s debut album soar from 137 th place at once on the first edition of the most authoritative music of America. That week he was happy drive "Ghetto D" went " hands " at a record pace of about 260 thousand copies, dropping from the first line family detische-Requiem famous Puff Daddy. And no one was offended. All in order. By the way, the two rappers have one common advantage. They own their own record companies. If about Puff and his "Bad Boy Entertainment" knows everything, acts Millerovskiy No Limit Records is not so obvious. Label for only two years ,it is not in New York or California, two Mecca of hip-hop, is largely District of New Orleans in his charge. It is too small to record in his studio albums top-class fashion world famous rappers, so I have all the power to save for their own work. Recently, the company released its first video "I`m Bout It" and the soundtrack of the same name. They received excellent evaluations and thus proved that success can be achieved any rap works even without factory support flow. This is an alternative to the latest records leading rappers under the watchful eye of the ubiquitous Puffy Combs. Soundtrack shows new face of generations of West Coast rappers such as Crime Boss and Tela, who bring something that is not comparable with the traditional appearance of gangsta rappers. Young arrogance, hot issues began to worry the current generation of black Americans more than ever before.As a result, rap fans have extended the range of their preferences. They`re willing to hang out at the concerts, and Master P `s recent concert " crawling " as many as 12 thousand lads, although the rate of the area allowed only 5 thousand. But, by the way, the tickets were expensive ($ 100-150) ! Master P recently started shooting his second film "I Got The Hook Up", Whose script he co-wrote with his old English teacher. This is a comedy about a bunch of guys get the hand free phone calls through the old-style machines. Mr. Miller was a real filmmaker, and this is another step on the road to victory available now except Puffy. This picture should appear on the screens of American cinemas this winter. Is not it strange that I`m not talking about the demolition, arrests, courts and bail ? Yesterday they were the attributes of almost every rapper, but Master P, as I said, lives and works far from the capital steepness. It`s quite friendly nigga ,except that some moronic uncles something where something itches, when someone from the provinces breaks, earns a good idea and has a couple of hits left. Master P sew matter, not a criminal, but rather thrifty, office (or as it is ?) - A case of plagiarism. In short, he is accused of ,that chorus and some words of his loudest hit "I Miss My Homies" (on which he, in fact, and broke) " stripped " from the old songs O`Jays "Brandy". The authors of this, in fact, the last time the minor works now require compensation in the amount of 1.5 mln. US dollars. The defense claimsMiller wrote the song along with two buddies recently and do not know to know about some kind of damn, appeared when he had walked on foot under the table. Wow, from the personal to someone looking to get a half a lemon " green " twenty years after his disastrous debut !

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