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BiographyGroup "Massacre" in 1984, formed the five guys from Florida Tampa - Bill Andrews (drums) , Alan West (guitar) , Scott Blackwood (bass) , JP Chartier (guitar) and Mark Brents (vocals) .

At the beginning of his career, the team was engaged in that performed covers of "Anthrax", "Exciter", "Metal church" and the like. Such things just fit the Brentsa voice, but Andrews sound like another, and it is at the first opportunity to get rid of Mark, at the same time and drove Scott. The post of bass player Michael was invited to Borders, and the place at the microphone stand took a native of Hawaii Kam Lee."Massacre" appeared on the local scene in the company of "Morbid angel" and "Executioner", continuing Laba covers a la "Exodus", "Hellhammer", "Slayer". Three months later, the band recorded their first demo with the songs "Aggressive tyrant", "Mutilated" and "Death in hell". The team began to move in the direction of the brutal, but it`s not all like it,and the team soon left Chartier and West.

MassacreSleduyuschaya, "live " demo was recorded with the help of Trevor Peres " Obituary ", and in several concerts as a guitarist played Robbie Goodwin. Finally, the right man was found in the person of Rick Rozz. "Massacre" With it recorded another demo, and the case was already in the preparation of the album. However, in 1987, Rozz friends with Chuck Schuldiner and increasingly become distracted from their core responsibilities. Around the same time the group left Michael Borders, replaced Terry Butler. But the composition of the change had no impact on the acceleration of the release of their debut album, because in 1988 three members of "Massacre" made the company Schuldiner ,when "Death" was recorded "Leprosy".

Lee remained in splendid isolation, and the project was shelved. After his discharge from the Rick series "Death" Cam tried to revive him with a group, with the participation of Joe Kandzhelosi "Whiplash". The guys recorded the album "Second coming", but he never came out.

Full resuscitation Massacre "Massacre" took place a little later ,when the back of the Butler and Andrews. "From beyond" was recorded in 1991 in the famous "Morrisound studios" led by no less famous producer Colin Richardson and Scott Burns. Publishing label "Earache" plate represented the classic death metal of Florida flood. Disc Promotion held at the European concerts in the company with "Devastation" and "Morgoth". Following the "From beyond" appeared EP "Inhuman condition", where a cover of "Venom" ("Warhead") that includes the Kronos entered. Then there was a second European tour, during which the "Massacre" were on some sites with "Grave" and "Demolition hammer". Upon returning from the tour Rick Rozz left the team, and the project fell apart again.

The next (and as it turned out last) attempt resuscitation team was held in 1996. Kam Lee and Rick Rozz supported by a rhythm section consisting of bassist Pete and drummer Saysona Sirus Peters released a pretty bad album "Promise",then the sign "Massacre" finally sunk into oblivion.

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