Maryan Kryshelnitskiy

Picture of Maryan Kryshelnitskiy

Date of Birth: 04/18/1897

Age: 65

Place of birth: a. Pylyava

Citizenship: Ukraine


Born in the family of a poor Ukrainian peasants in the territory of Austria-Hungary. He studied at the Ternopil Gymnasium. Theater career began in polulyubitelsky Ukrainian theater group "Ternopil pm" (1915-1917). After the collapse of Austria-Hungary was one of the organizers of the New Theatre in Lviv (1918), then Ukrainian theater named after Franco in the winery (1920). In 1921-1923 Lviv Ukrainian Theatre society "Ruska conversation", learns from the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Lviv .. After closing in Poland all Ukrainian cultural institutions in 1923 moved to Prague where he continued his studies at the Philosophical Faculty of Charles University. After graduation in 1924 Krushelnitsky moved to the Soviet Union. In December 1924 he comes in Kharkiv theater "Berezil", which was led by Les Kurbas.

In the theater "Berezil" reveal all the facets of the rich talent Krushelnytska, first as an actor, then as a director. After the arrest of Kurbas and defeat "Berezil" Krushelnitsky in 1933 he agreed to become artistic director of the theater, to save him from the final liquidation. In 1935, the theater was transformed into the Ukrainian Drama Theatre named after Shevchenko. In 1935-1952 Krushelnitsky chief director and artistic director of the theater. In 1952 moved to Kiev, goes to the Ukrainian Drama Theater named after Franco in 1954-1961 its main director.

Roles: the abbot Honorius ( "Jacquerie" Merimee, 1925), Malachi ( "People Malachi" Kulish, 1928), Uncle Taras ( "Myna Mazaylo" Kulish, 1929), the poor sergeant ( "Bridgehead" Irchan, 1932), Padura ( " Muckle Graca "Kulish, 1933), Darling (" Death squadron "Korniychuk, 1933), Martin (" Martin Borulya "Karpenko-Kary, 1934), Bagel (" Platon Krechet "Korniychuk, 1934), Ivan Uncovered (" Let your heart will , will lead to bondage "Kropivnitskogo 1935) Maloshtan (" dictatorship "Mikitenko, 1936), Lenin (" Pravda "Korniychuk, 1937), SHVANDYA (" Love Spring ", 1937), clerk Gavrilo (" Bogdan Khmelnitsky "Korniychuk, 1939) , Murzavetskaya ( "Wolves and sheep" Ostrovsky, 1939), dumplings ( "In the steppes of Ukraine" Korniychuk, 1940), Schastlivtsev ( "Forest" Ostrovsky, 1940), Tevye ( "Tevye the milkman" by Sholomu Aleichem, 1940), Egor Bulychev ( "Egor Bulychev and others", 1947), Vatutin ( "General Vatutin" Dmiterko, 1947) - the Stalin Prize of the second degree (1948), Poludino ( "Personal business" Stein, 1956), walks ( "Arsenal" Sukhodolskiy 1957 ), Lear ( "King Lear" by Shakespeare, 1959). .

Since 1932 he engaged in teaching activities. In 1946-1952 in Kharkov, in 1952-1964 in Kiev Theatre Institute. Professor (1947).

Member of the CPSU (1943). Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR (1951-1959). He was awarded two Orders of Lenin, Order of the Red Banner of Labor and medals. He was buried at the cemetery in Kiev Baikove (tombstone G.Kalchenko). In the house where he lived Krushelnitsky in Kyiv, a memorial plaque. In 1966, in his honor named the street in Kiev. Plaque is also installed on the facade of the building Ukrainian Drama Theatre named after Shevchenko in Kharkov. In 1995 the Kharkiv City Council established a prize named Mariana Krushelnytska.


Wife - actress Petrova, Eugene Alekseevna (1903-1989), People`s Artist of the Ukrainian SSR.

Roles in the movie

1926 - Love`s Berries - Jean Colbasiuc

1931 - Koliivshchina - Colonel

1953 - Martin Borulya - Omelko

1956 - Bloody Dawn - Volyk

1956 - Vanity - Tarabanov

1960 - What do the stars smiling