Mary Rose Byrne

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Date of Birth: 06/24/1979

Age: 37

Place of birth: Belmeyn

Citizenship: Australia


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Mary Rose Byrne (Mary Rose Byrne, 24.06.1979) - Australian actress. The most famous roles in a number of feature films, including `28 weeks spustya` (` 28 Weeks Later`), `Troya` (` Troy`), `Star Wars: Episode 2 - Attack Klonov` (` Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones`), `Peklo` (` Sunshine`), `Znamenie` (` Knowing`) and `Maria Antuanneta` (` Marie Antoinette`); best known for her role, however, is Ellen Parsons from the series `Uscherb` (` Damages`).

Byrne was born in Belmeyne, a suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia; her blood flowing mixture of Irish and Scottish blood. Her mother, Jane, was the administrator of the school, and the father of Robin - a statistician and market analyst. A while Mary went to school in Belmeyne, and then went on Bradfield College in Crows Nest. Grew girl together with his older brother George, and two older sisters - Alice and Lucy. For eight years, Mary bralauroki acting at the Australian Youth Theatre; for some time she had a chance to learn from the University of Sydney. In 1999, Byrne went to study at the Atlantic Theatre Company David Memita and William H. Macy.

Family Rose has never been a particularly religious; her parents were atheists, but she considers herself an agnostic.

His first film role in the film `Dallas Doll` actress got in twelve years; later she played in several Australian TV series such as `Heartbreak High` and` Echo Point`; as she had to work with by Heath Ledger in the film `Fingers veerom` (` Two Hands`). Next was the role in `The Date`,` My Mother Frank` and `The Goddess` Clara Law - the latter role brought Rose Women`s Cup Volpi (Female Volpi Cup) at the Venice Film Festival in the 2000th. At the same time Byrne got a cameo role in the police series` Call of Ubiytsy` ( `Murder Call`); in parallel, and she played on stage - in particular, she performed one of the leading roles in the classical setting of Chekhov`s` Three cestry`.

Byrne took part in the filming of the video for the single, Darren Hayes `I Miss You` and starred in the movie Australian musician Alex Lloyd on his single` Black The Sun`; She also graced the cover of the single. At the same time, she got a contract to shoot TV commercials for the `Sony`.

In 2002, the first time Byrne starred in Hollywood film; its debut was the role of Dorma, maid heroine Natalie Portman in the film of George Lucas` Star Wars: Episode 2 - Attack Klonov`; In the same year she starred in the film `City prizrakov` ( `City of Ghosts`) c Matt Dillon.

The year before, Rose visited the UK - where she starred in a project by Tim Fayvella `I grabbed zamok` (` I Capture the Castle`). In 2003 it Byrne starred as Rose Mortmain, the elder sister Cassandra character Romola Gary. Also in 2003 and it the actress managed to take part in the shooting of three Australian paintings - `Night, which we called dnem` ( `The Night We Called It a Day`) Grifitt Melanie and Dennis Hopper,` Incorrigible optimist` ( `The Rage in Placid Lake`) Ben Lee - this work, by the way, earned her the title of `Best Aktrisy` according to the Australian Film Institute - and the comedy` Take Away`.

The 2004th Byrne played the Trojan priestess, stolen by Achilles during the Trojan War in epic film `Troya`. With his co-star, Peter O`Tullom actress met again in the TV show `Kazanova` (` Casanova`).

The 2006th Rose was invited to the role of Gabriel de Polastron picture in Sophia Coppola`s` Marie Antuanneta`; a year later, she starred in the sci-fi thriller `Peklo`.

At the moment, Byrne regular role in the TV series `Uscherb`; Rose also be removed in the next film project.

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