Mary Kozhevnikova

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Date of Birth: 11/14/1984

Age: 32

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia



Maria Kozhevnikova was born in Moscow in 1984. As a child, she has long worked in the rhythmic gymnastics section. True gymnast Mary did not become - she always had problems with being overweight. Very much loved girl buns! No, plump she had never been, but in fact for rhythmic gymnastics every extra kilogram - is almost a sentence.

The singer and actress

Some time Maria Kozhevnikova was a soloist of the popular female pop group "Love Stories" (formed in 2002), and then decided to start a career as an actress. She graduated from RATI (GITIS), co-starred in an episode of the series "Ruble the Live", then appeared in starring Olesya Russian-Ukrainian series "Wolf" (with 153 series) and an adorable blond Nastia in the series "Hello, I`m your Papo!". The audience could also see aspiring actress in the series: "The gift of God" (Nurse Lena), "GAI" (Rita), "Heartbreakers." However, all these works, for various reasons did not bring Mary the popularity - or projects were not promoted, or the role of the very very small caliber ...

Alla of "Uni

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Mary Kozhevnikova picture
Mary Kozhevnikova photo