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Date of Birth: 07/01/1904

Age: 94

Place of Birth: Paris

Citizenship: United States

The founder of the organization `SIECUS`

Mary Calderon was born in Paris (Paris), July 1, 1904-th. Biographer Jeffrey Moran (Jeffrey Moran) suggests that bohemian childhood Calderon and her upbringing in the spirit of the Quaker influenced her liberal views and attitudes toward sex and made it stubborn and passionate nature. Mary`s father, Edward Steichen (Edward Steichen), was a famous photographer, and her uncle Carl Sandburg (Carl Sandburg) - poet. Calderon attended Brearley School in New York (Brearley School, New York City), and then entered Vassar College (Vassar College), where she graduated in 1925 with a degree in chemistry.

Mary wanted to be an actress, and for three years she taught acting craft in the American theater laboratory (ALT). She married actor Lon Martin (W. Lon Martin), gave birth to two daughters, Nell (Nell) and Linda (Linda), but then abandoned acting and divorced in 1933. The death of eight-year-Nell, to destroy the dream of a successful acting career and divorce - all this just drove Calderon into a terrible depression. After a series of psychoanalytic tests, she decided to take up again his studies and become a doctor. At the time she was 30 years old.

Mary received the degree of Doctor of Medicine at the Medical School of the University of Rochester (University of Rochester) in 1939. Then she became a Master of Public Health at Columbia University (Columbia University) in 1942. For the year to graduate, she married Dr. Frank A. Calderon (Frank A. Calderone), who later became the chief administrative officer of the Health Organization (WHO). Calderon worked as a doctor in Great Neka, New York (Great Neck, New York).

In 1953, Calderon became medical director of the controversial American Planned Parenthood Federation. In 1958, she organized a national conference, to provoke the movement for the legalization of abortion.

By Mary came to the realization that the world not only does not know much about sex but also about sexuality in general, and she decided to compensate for the lack of sex education in American society. One only program on the distribution of contraceptives is clearly not enough, and Calderon left the federation in 1964, to establish SIECUS - organization, assists the school administration, sexologists, doctors, public figures and parents seeking access to information on the teaching of sex education.

Calderon`s insistence on the fact that sex education should begin in kindergarten, did not impress the religious conservative groups such as MOMS, but on the whole organization SIECUS has been recognized and respected. In part, this has affected the sexual revolution of the 1960s. One of the very popular brochures, which SIECUS content exhibited as an organization, undermining the norms of Christian morality and corrupting children, was published in 1968. Ultimately, because of the attacks Calderon left the post of head of SIECUS, however, did not stop to prove that acts of sexual education with a positive approach and `moral neytralitetom`.

Despite its intransigence in relation to sexual freedom, Calderon did not approve of the growing fact of the sexual revolution of the 1960s. In 1974, the American Humanist Association (AHA) Calderon named Humanist of the Year.

Mary Calderone died October 24, 1998 th, in Kennet Square, Pennsylvania (Kennett Square, Pennsylvania), is 95 years old.

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