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Date of Birth: 03/24/1935

Age: 81

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Best friend Housewives

Mary Rose Alleyne Barry (Mary-Rosa Alleyne Berry) was born March 24, 1935-th. Mary - the second of three children Alleyne Barry (Alleyne Berry), who helped discover the University of Bath (University of Bath) and in 1952 was mayor of Bata, and housewife Marjorie (Marjorie). At age 14, Mary was discovered by polio; She spent three months in hospital. Severe illness girl resulted in curvature of the spine, in addition, her left hand was weaker and thinner than the right. Barry said that during the period of forced separation from loved ones has become stronger in spirit and have learned to make maximum use of all its capabilities.

In high school grades Barry left much to be desired, until a new teacher who could see in `beznadezhnoy` schoolgirl culinary talent. His first dish, a thick pudding with molasses, Mary took home; father said her dessert was as good as his mother. After high school, Barry went on courses catering to the College on housekeeping, the Bata (Bath College of Domestic Science).

The first place of work was Barry Bath Electric power management. She then traveled to the homes of clients, which shows how to use the ovens eclectic. In kakoy-to moment she wanted to leave their homes to go to London (London), but her well-bred parents did not allow her this until Mary was not 21 years old. At 22, Barry settled in agricultural organization `Dutch Dairy Bureau` and in the evenings to attend educational courses in the program `City & Guilds`. Later, she persuaded his manager to pay for her studies in the French school of hospitality and cuisine Le Cordon Bleu. In France (France) Barry experienced a real culture shock; she could not restrain their tears when a part of her first dish was horse meat, reminding her of the ponies crumbs, remaining in her hometown Bath.

At the new place of work in the PR-company `Benson`s`, Mary began to test the recipes and began to write his first book. In 1966, she was appointed editor of the magazine `Housewife` and married a former seller of antique books Hanningsa Paul (Paul JM Hunnings). From 1970 to 1973rd Barry worked as an editor of the journal `Ideal Home`.

Her first cookbook, `The Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook`, was published in 1970. She launched a line of its own products, with the participation of her daughter Annabel (Annabel) in 1994. Her salad dressings and sauces sold initially only in one of the culinary schools, but eventually managed to conquer international markets, including the UK (Britain), Germany (Germany) and Ireland (Ireland). Products entered in department stores and grocers, including `Harrods`, `Fortnum & Mason` and `Tesco`.

Starting from 2010, Barry was one of the judges of the British contest `The Great British Bake Off` in the title of best baker, along with Paul Hollywood (Paul Hollywood), a specialist in bakery products. Barry said that learned a lot from this famous chef. However, some viewers were outraged during one of the first episodes of television contest, when it was decided to give the contestants a recipe instead of Hollywood recipe Barry.

Mary was also involved in another TV contest, `The Great British Food Revival`, where chefs and gourmets promoting British cuisine.

At its own kitchen mixer Barry uses `KitchenAid`. She calls him one of those smart devices, without which it simply could not live. Mary prefers to do on the plates `AGA`, invented by Gustaf Dalen (Gustaf Dalen).

Her son, Thomas (Thomas) was the arborist, a specialist in working with wood. Her daughter Annabelle 17 years helping Mary with the business; Annabel today also manufactures special dressing for salads. Another son, William (William), died in a car accident at age 19. Mary and her husband Paul have two dogs, Millie (Millie) and Coco (Coco).

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