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Date of Birth: 08/10/1974

Age: 42

Place of birth: Auckland

Nationality: New Zealand


Martin Henderson (Martin Henderson, 8.10.1974) - New Zealand actor.

Henderson was born in Auckland, New Zealand. On the part of his life, which was preceded by an acting career, little is known; Agents opened the boy was thirteen years old, in the open television audition. By this time he was quite sociable, sporty and smart guy; Producers of regional television gave him the opportunity to do the business, which he had always dreamed of. Martin played in a number of television shows; is best known to the general public of its work in a hospital soap opera Shortland-Strit` `(` Shortland Street`), for which he received a New Zealand Film and Television Award in the category `Best Actor in a Drama seriale`. In parallel with such an early advent of the glory of Henderson continued his studies; after some time, he successfully graduated from high school and went to Sydney, Australia, to pursue a career.

Australians noticed a talented guy pretty quickly; It all began with a nighttime soap opera `Home and puti` ( `Home and away`) 1998 and the paintings of 1996` Sweat` - Henderson happened to meet there - and friends - with yourself Heath Ledger. Ledger at the time was only sixteen; twenty Martin inspired him to move from Perth to Sydney, where Hit soon became a professional actor. Ledger Henderson knocked at the door with a bag and a surfboard; they became neighbors.

In 1997 Henderson got into the project `Big nebo` (` Big Sky`); He even learned to drive a plane in the process of filming. In 1999, he left `pilota` career and made his debut on the big screen in the film` Kick`. Drama about a young guy who face a lack of understanding of others after the start of a ballet career, Henderson earned a nomination for the Australian Film Institute Award in the category `Best Actor plana`.

By this stage of career Martin has already realized that moving to Hollywood for him - only a matter of time. After the success of the painting `Kick` he first went to New York, where for two years he studied theater workshop and played in off-Broadway productions. After some time, he bent his steps towards the promised land of America for actors - and the whole world - in Los Angeles. In the 2002`s he got a small role in the military drama `Talking Nicolas Cage with vetrom` (` Windtalkers`); after he got another big role of the main character in the horror film of 2002 Zvonok` `(` The Ring`). The image in this painting he turned out quite interesting; the film went well through the screens of the world and received many positive reviews. The main effect, however, consisted entirely different - the actor has finally noticed a wide range of American viewers.

he quickly became one of Hollywood`s actors samyhpopulyarnyh. The next work was a picture eo `Torque moment` (` Torque`) 2004 - another horror movie, this time - for motorcyclists life. He also successfully passed at the box office, however, because of the general parody, fame has not brought the actor. Then, quite unexpectedly, Martin played in the film `Bride and predrassudki` ( `Bride and Prejudice`) - Bollywood version of the classic works of Jane Austen with Aishwarya Ray starring. Parallel to this, Henderson has helped with the creation of the very few clips of Britney Spears.

On stage the actor is back in 2006th, playing with Juliette Lewis in a statement vestendskoy `Madness from lyubvi` (` Fool for Love`). Following was a picture of Quentin Tarantino and Guy Ritchie`s `Smokin tuzy` ( `Smokin` Aces`), the pilot episode was never released in the light of the series based on the movie` Mr and Mrs Smit` and independent project in the` Battle Siettle` ( `Battle in Seattle `).

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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