Martin Hans Boye

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Date of Birth: 06/12/1812

Age: 94

Place of birth: Copenhagen

Citizenship: Denmark

Who invented the method of processing cottonseed oil?

Martin Hans Boye was born on December 6, 1812-th in Copenhagen, Denmark (Copenhagen, Denmark), and was the son of a chemist, who was responsible for some work at the Royal Porcelain Factory (Royal Porcelain Manufactury). Boyer studied at the University of Copenhagen (Copenhagen University), and then at the Polytechnic School, where one of his teachers was Johann Georg Forhgammer (Johan Georg Forchhammer). He graduated from the institution in 1835.

When Boyer was 24 years old in 1836, he emigrated to New York (New York), and then in the 1837th moved to Philadelphia (Philadelphia), where he became a student of the famous chemist Robert Hare (Robert Hare), then switch to spiritualism. In 1838-m Boye worked as a geologist in New Jersey (New Jersey) under the command of Henry Darwin Rogers (Henry Darwin Rogers).

In 1839 Franklin Institute Journal ( `Journal of the Franklin Institute`) published the results of the analysis of iron ore sample from the` iron gory` state - Missouri (Missouri). For the study of ore met Darwin and Boyer. In 1840 in the same journal published an article by Robert E. (Robert E.) and Martin Boyer on how to determine the presence of calcium, using sulfuric acid. In 1840 the scientific journal `American Journal of Science` told about the new platinum compound, obnaruzhennomRodzhersom and other Boye.

Martin continued his chemical research in the laboratory, but already with James Curtis Booth (James Curtis Booth). He received his doctorate in medicine in 1844 at the University of Pennsylvania (University of Pennsylvania), presenting a graduation thesis on `` The structure of the nervous system. Boyer worked with Booth until 1845.

In 1847 Boyer invented a method for processing cotton seed oil, and then the process involved in setting up the production of this oil for cooking, and as a component of soap. The extensive list of his research included the use perchloryl as smokeless powder. Martin also did an analysis of feldspar, nodules of gastric horse, Chinese artificially colored tea, wrote a treatise on the composition of the water in the river Skulkil (Schuykill River) and explored the nature of auroras.

Martin headed the Department of Chemistry in the School Central High School, Philadelphia (Philadelphia), in the period from 1851 to 1859-th, then resigned iz-za health problems. He was a member of the American Philosophical Society (American Philosophical Society) and the American Association of Geologists (American Association of Geologists). Boye died on March 6, 1907-th.

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