Martha Gellhorn

Picture of Martha Gellhorn

Date of Birth: 08/11/1908

Age: 89

Birthplace: St. Louis

Citizenship: United States

The sharp pen Martha Gellhorn

Martha Gellhorn was born on November 8th 1908 in St. Louis, Missouri (St. Louis, Missouri). Suffragette daughter Edna Fishell (Edna Fischell) and gynecologist with German roots George Gellhorn (George Gellhorn). Both parents were half-Jews. March graduated from high school John Burroughs School in St. Louis in 1926 and was admitted to the College Bryn Mawr College in Philadelphia (Philadelphia). In 1927, she dropped out in favor of journalism.

The first article Gellhorn appeared in the American Journal of `The New Republic`. Deciding to become a foreign correspondent, Martha in 1930 for two years traveled to France (France), where she worked in the `United Press` Bureau in Paris (Paris). While in Europe, she became a supporter of the pacifist movement, describing the experience gained in the book `What Mad Pursuit` 1934.

After returning to the US Gellhorn he received from Harry Hopkins (Harry Hopkins) position investigator Federalnogoupravleniya relief. It reports to the institution drew the attention of Eleanor Roosevelt (Eleanor Roosevelt) - and two women become friends for life.

For the first time with Hemingway the writer met during a family Christmas trip to Key West (Key West) in 1936. Together they agreed to go to Spain (Spain), to follow the course of the civil war, and then celebrate Christmas 1937 in Barcelona (Barcelona). March described the World War II in his novel `A Stricken Field`, and sent reports of Finland (Finland), Hong Kong (Hong Kong), Burma (Burma), Singapore (Singapore) and the UK (Britain). She became one of the first journalists who reported on the release of prisoners of concentration camp Dachau (Dachau).

After four years together, Hemingway & Gellhorn married in December of 1940. He increasingly felt dissatisfaction with the permanent absence of his wife, and in 1945 the couple divorced. After the war, in March he worked with the magazine `Atlantic Monthly`, describing the war in Vietnam, the Six Day War in the Middle East and civil wars in Central America. At the age of 81, the year she took off - and rushed to Panama City (Panama), where she wrote about the invasion of US troops. Only when in the 1990 war broke out in Bosnia (Bosnian), Gellhorn considered himself too old to continue in business.

February 15 th 1998 and March 89-year-old Gellhorn committed suicide by taking a lethal dose of drugs, after a long battle with cancer and almost not seeing anything.

Although in March 1949 adopted a boy named Sandy (Sandy) of Italian children`s home, then she gave it to the care of relatives in Englewood, New Jersey (Englewood, New Jersey). Due to the lack of participation in the life of a foster mother Sandy, the boy was in a boarding school, and then completely become annoying Gellhorn, and eventually they both soaked each other angrily.

A native of St. Louis married twice and many times wound up a lover, often married. The first serious novel, she twirled in 1930 with a French economist Bertrand de Jouvenel (Bertrand de Jouvenel). Their relationship lasted until 1934.

She was faithful to her husband regarding Hemingway, getting involved in an affair with an American paratrooper, Major General James M. Gavin (James M. Gavin), commander of the 82nd Airborne Division. Gavin was the youngest divisional commander in the US Army during World War II.

List lovers Gellhorn said a businessman `L`; journalist William Walton (William Walton); and physician David Gurevich (David Gurewitsch). In 1954, she married Tom Mathews (Tom Matthews), chief editor of `Time`, and divorced him in 1963.