Marta Zoriktueva

Picture of Marta Zoriktueva

Date of Birth: 06/03/1949

Age: 67

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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People`s Artist of Buryatia

Honored Artist of Russia

Winner of the Silver Medal Laureate im.A.D.Popova Prize (1973)

Winner of Buryatia Komsomol Award (1978)

One of the best actresses of Buryatia March Zoriktueva debuted in cinema in 1971 in the role of hunter Inga famous detective film director Vladimir Nazarov "Disappearance of a witness" (the second film of the trilogy about the precinct Serezhkina). In 1976, the actress starred in the drama Darima "Three suns", devoted to the life of the Buryat people.

Also in March 1976 Zoriktueva graduated GITIS, acting department, where she studied at the teacher and theater director Oskar Yakovlevich Remez. Actress many years given the stage of the Buryat Academic Drama Theatre im.Hotsa Namsaraeva. Among her heroines: Asel ( "My poplar in a red scarf" Chingiz Aitmatov); Viola and Sebastian ( "Dvenadtsatayanoch" Shakespeare); Dolzhon ( "Serempel" H. Namsaraeva); Commissioner ( "Optimistic Tragedy" Vishnevsky); Lenushka ( "Lenushka" Leonov). However, it played such masters, as Buda Vampilov Mikhail Elbonov (husband of Martha Zoriktuevoy), Nina Tokurenova Larisa Egorova, Dorji Sultimov, Lyudmila Dugarova - brilliant generation that will forever remain in the memory of grateful spectators.

March Zoriktueva - stage actress in the movie she poyavlyalaskrayne rare. In addition to these works, she starred in 1990 in the role of mother in the biographical drama "No foreign land", which tells about the life and education of the Decembrist Nicholas Bestuzhev in Siberia after hard labor, and in 1994 played the role of the shaman Kaleny melodrama Barasa Halzanova "Dream the beginning fog. "


1971 Disappearance of a witness

1976 Three sun

1990 There are no foreign land

1994 Sleep in the early mist