Marta Galikowska

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Age: 27

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Perverted love: Mother, who killed their children

Galikovska March, 27-year-old wife and mother, convinced herself that her eldest daughter Maya - cancer. October 12, 2014 th it dealt a mortal blow to Maya knife and then stabbed 20-month daughter Olga.

The tragedy occurred in the family house on Sherwin Road in Stoke-on-Trent (Stoke-on-Trent), while the head of the family was at work. Martha`s husband, 28-year-old scavenger Marcin Galikovskin, bared body of his wife and daughters around 18:35.

Initially, police arrested Marcin, but soon released without charge.

Later it became known that the local doctor has prescribed antidepressants March a week before the incident. Woman threatened his wife that he wants to commit suicide and kill children, and business took up social service.

Galikovska, a native of Przemysl, the town in the south-east of Poland (Przemysl, Poland), talked with social workers, who ruled that any urgent preventive measures to take is not necessary, and that children are not threatened by the danger kakaya-libo.

Marcin said that his wife, however, was sure that she had taken away and taken away daughters. Both girls died of stab wounds. In addition, studies have shown that a lump under the jaw Maya was a benign cyst.

Ian Smith, the senior coroner Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire (North Staffordshire), said at the hearing that it was Martha to him emotionally the worst for his entire career.

`These murders and a suicide have been made out of love - the love of perverted roda` - Smith said.

`I admit that in my head Martha was convinced that Maya - cancer. Mother mistaken for one hundred percent, but that`s what she believed. She did not want her daughter died of cancer. It is suggested that if you can not protect her daughter from death, should she take her zhizn`.

`For the same reason, in March he took the life of Olga, and then felt that she had no alternative but to commit suicide - to deprive yourself of your own life `.

Giving testimony in court, Marcin said: `March brought herself and began to believe that our daughter`s cancer. She began to talk of suicide and murder detey`.

`She said that we all need to jump off a bridge. I tried to calm his wife, trying to be for her support. I figured that she was depressed, so he brought her to vrachu`.

Wanting to speak after hearing the official, the grieving father said a few kind words about his wife.

`Martha was a fantastic wife and loving mother, - he said. - She admired by our Maya and Olga. Moyazhena was a special person, who covered my zhizn`.

`Maya and Olga were beautiful children, whose light of their bright smiles continues to shine so it`s time.

Staffordshire Police Inspector Andy Maxfield, said after the hearing: `It was a hard-working and loving family with two lovely detmi`.

`Every part of our investigation does not question the fact that Martha was a loving mother. This woman has clearly become a victim of mental zabolevaniya`.

March came in Stoke-on-Trent with her husband in 2010.

They met about seven years ago, after both came to the UK from Poland in search of work. It is known that the couple visited the Roman Catholic Church.

The wedding took place in 2008, shortly before the birth of her first daughter, Maya.

Marcin some time working in the forestry yard, before he became a dustman. Meanwhile, the wife was a waitress and worked in a clothing store `TK Maxx`, and then became a housewife.

Learn about the terrible tragedy, neighbors and Marcin Marta said a few words about this wonderful couple and their children.

One neighbor, 30-year-old Matthew Houghton, said: `My brother said he heard the cries of the women. She shouted that someone was killed, and my brother and I ran into the street. By that time it caused politsiyu`.

`The woman was visterike. She cried that all the dead that all slaughtered. She was in the house, she saw all her glazami`.

Another neighbor said: `Marta and Marcin adored his little Maia. She was such a pretty full life. The couple had another baby, and both girls brought everyone around alone radost`.

`We have become accustomed to constantly see the girls on the street. They were great. Shining smile never left the face Mayi`.

`What`s wrong with this family, just uzhasno`.

Another neighbor said: `March does not impose, and they were a normal family. In our area many Poles, and I think they have adapted to the local soobschestvom`.

`After we learned what had happened, one of my neighbors said that recalls both from a nearby house came kriki`.

`I was told that it was like a fierce debate, but that in our region, where living in close proximity with each other mass families, such is not unusual `.

Maya studied at the Catholic primary school St. Wilfrid, just a few meters from the house.

Currently, the investigation is trying to determine whether it was possible to do something to save Martha and her two young daughters. Conclusions should be presented December 18, 2015-th.