Marselle Blaybtroy

Picture of Marselle Blaybtroy

Date of Birth: 08/26/1918

Age: 83

Place of Birth: Marseille

Citizenship: France


Marcel Bleibtreu (Fr. Marcel Bleibtreu; ??August 26, 1918 - December 25, 2001.) - French Trotskyist, a Marxist theorist.

Bleibtreu was born in Marcelle in the end of the First World War. After graduating from the Lyceum of Condorcet, he began to study medicine in Paris. In 1936 Marcel joined the International Workers` Party, which in 1944 merged with several other Trotskyist groups, the International Communist Party (MCP), which became the French section of the Fourth International. Bleibtreu under the pseudonym Pierre Favre leads political rabotoyv suburbs of Paris - Puteaux, Suresnes and Nanterre.

In November 1944, Bleibtreu becomes editor of party magazine