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Date of Birth: 11/29/1965

Age: 50

Place of birth: Oosterhout

Nationality: Netherlands

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Marlies Dekkers was born November 29, 1965 in Oosterhout (Oosterhout, the Netherlands). She studied design at the Art and Design Academy (Sint-Joost Academy of Art and Design) in Breda (Breda), from which she graduated with honors in 1991. Marlies was determined to bring to market its own brand of underwear, which could be distinguished from the others at a glance. With the help of a government grant - she received 16 million euros from the Ministry of Economy, two years later, in 1993, Dekkers registered its brand, and released his first collection under the brand name `Undressed by Marlies Dekkers`, demonstrating its example a new approach to the creation of underwear . Headquarters of the new company began its modest two-room apartment, and most Marlies, in addition to design, we had to find the talent to engage in commerce and marketing, product promotion, sales and networking with distributors. Later, she was joined by sister Anna (Anja Dekkers). In 1996 Marlies married photographer Peter Vagenara (Peter Wagenaar), their daughter Zilver (Zilver) was born. Peter Vagenar was a board member of the company of his wife, but when in 2008 the couple divorced, and he left the company.

Today, lingerie under the brand name `marlies | dekkers` sold in more than a thousand points of sale around the world, chain stores Marlies Dekkers is located in Amsterdam (Amsterdam), Rotterdam (Rotterdam), Antwerp (Antwerp), Paris (Paris), Bangkok (Bangkok ), Berlin (Berlin), Cologne (Cologne) and Utrecht (Utrecht). The store, which opened in New York City (New York City), lasted from December 2008 to March 2009.

Her fresh, innovative designs that set new fashion trends have been taken at national and international levels. Marlies Dekkers Lingerie from not only has a revolutionary design, but also its own philosophy, and it changed the linen market forever. Marlies is working on a new design, based on their own vision of life, and hoping to give their women customers confidence using advanced materials and technologies. Lingerie from Dekkers always sit well, it emphasizes the favorable side and mask figure flaws.

Among the stellar clients Dekkers celebrities such as Christina Aguilera (Christina Aguilera), Diana Ross (Diana Ross), Rihanna (Rihanna), member of the group `The Pussycat Dolls`, Candy Dulfer (Candy Dulfer), Pink (Pink), Nelly Furtado ( Nelly Furtado) and Britney Spears (Britney Spears).

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