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Date of birth: 12.05.1988

Age: 20

Place of birth: Butuan

Citizenship: Philippines


Author: Elena Murzina

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Mark Cielo, whose friends and relatives called Boknoi, born 12 May 1988 in the city of Butuan in Agusan del Norte, where he lived with his mother and sister Mildred Kadaveng Marcel Andrea nicknamed Bonsai. In 2001, the boy with his mother and sister moved to Bauke in the province, located in the mountains of the Cordillera Central, and settled with the rest of the relatives of the Igorot peoples. Another schoolboy Stamps felt pride in their origins, despite the fact that growing up surrounded by Catholics. He was fluent in the language of the indigenous population of the province, spoke English and Ilocano, Tagalog, and bantonskim Cebuano language spoken by the Philippines. According to the Philippine weekly program about celebrities `Magpakailanman`, Stamps parents divorced when he was young, and all the care of children lay on the shoulders of the mother. Despite this, through neskolkolet Stamps I found the strength to meet again with his father Bobby Cielo and said that really loves his father.

After school, Mark went on to study architecture at the University of St. Louis city Baguio in the island of Luzon, which became a member of the dance troupe. When close friends and fellow students tried to persuade Mark to take part in the Philippine talent show `Starstruck`, started in 2003, he agreed, and as a stage name took the name of the father. This decision turned his whole life. Stamps quickly became a favorite of the competition due to their expressive dance numbers. Incidentally, he was the first representative of the Igorot ever to take part in such competitions. Apart from fame, Mark won the prize of 10 million pesos, which included a large sum of cash, an exclusive contract with the agency `GMA` and home. Mark and his family moved into a new house only to May 2008, the day of the artist`s birth.

Immediately after winning the competition Cielo, who had a wide popularity among young audiences, got the lead role in the series in the genre of fantasy and played `Fantastikids` Daniel Trinidad. Following the `Fantastikids` Stamps as a guest star has appeared in several TV series rating, and the following year again played a major role in the youth sitcom` Boys Nxt Door`, who became the first Philippine TV series broadcast in South Korea (South Korea - the main supplier of TV series in the Asian region). Then Mark and decided to try his hand at scoring the animated characters, gave his voice a painted fifteen-year student Ichigo Kurosaki from the anime `Blich`, which has an uncanny ability - he can see ghosts. The last work of the young actor became a romantic comedy `LaLola`, Philippine adaptation of the Argentine television series of the same name. Mark had a lot of plans for the next year - shooting in the television show `De Laila` and` Ultraelectromagnetic Love`, in the independent feature film `Bente` and a major role in a theatrical setting, and death has crossed all plans.

December 7, 2008 Mark Cielo mother found him dead in their home. The night before, Mark plays video games in an Internet cafe, at about ten o`clock went home and talked to Mildred about something personal. The next morning she went to her son about six in the morning to wake him up at a charity event. When she failed, she ran with the Stamps to a nearby hospital where doctors declared him dead. Cielo died in his sleep, he did not take drugs or alcohol, and as the cause of death is still unknown, the tragic death of the young actor immediately overgrown with rumors and speculation.

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