Marko Vishik

Picture of Marko Vishik

Date of Birth: 10/19/1921

Age: 95

Place of birth: Lions


At age 8 he lost his father.

He began to study at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics at the Lviv University (1939), attended seminars Stefan Banach. In connection with the beginning of the Great Patriotic War in the evacuation, working in Krasnodar, he studied at the Pedagogical Institute in Makhachkala. I got a denial of an appeal to the Red Army as a resident in the regions of Western Ukraine.

In 1942 he moved to Tbilisi. Graduated Tbilisi University (1943).

In 1943-1945 he studied at the graduate school of the Tbilisi Mathematical Institute. A. Razmadze Georgian SSR in Vekua, in 1945 he transferred to graduate Steklov. Defended (1947) PhD thesis, supervisor of L. A.Lyusternik. In 1951 he defended his doctoral dissertation. Professor of the Department of Mathematics of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute (1953-1965).

Professor of the Department of Differential Equations of Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of Moscow State University (1965-1993), in 1993 moved to the department of general management issues.

In 1966-1991 he worked at the Institute for Problems in Mechanics, USSR Academy of Sciences. Senior Researcher, Institute for Information Transmission Problems (1993).

Works in the field of differential equations and functional analysis.

Prepared 41 candidates of sciences, 10 of them have doctorates.

Author 236 scientific articles and 3 monographs.

Awards Prize

The award of the Petrovskii (1992)