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Becoming a successful fashion designer, Mark Montano does not rest on its laurels ; the next logical step in his career began classes in interior design. In this field Montano also succeeded ; Now he not only engaged in the design itself ,but also gives advice to everyone - on the pages of popular publications and in their own books.

Mark Montano creative career began at age 14 ; it was then that a normal teenager from La Junta, Colorado (La Junta, Colorado) began to develop and sew clothes for his mother. Already at the age of 16, Mark was promoted oratora-motivator at the Department of Education Colorado ; In this capacity, he has performed with inspiring speeches in front of other high school students across the country. Higher Education Mark received at the State University of Colorado ; successfully completing it, and received a degree in business, Mark went to New York (New York City). In NewYork Montano continued his studies - in the walls of the local fashion Institute of Technology ; following his diploma (master`s) Mark got on the history of costume business.

The theoretical skills needed to test in practice ; receiving post - trainee intern in `Oscar de la Renta`,Montano has found a unique opportunity to work with a range of interesting real-world problems. The result of his labors was the love of the elite and unusual fabrics and the desire to start your own collection of ready-made garments. Mark continued to actively recruit new skills and very soon began to draw inspiration very soul of the surrounding city. Especially inspiring was the area of the East Village, where Mark and subsequently founded his flagship boutique. Talent Montano best we can estimate, knowing that he was the youngest member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America.Around the same period, Mark was able to establish which later became almost legendary collection of clothes in the spirit of urban fashion.

Mark Montano was able to quickly establish itself a true master of design of the case. The ability to create incredible in its own image model ,Play with colors and materials and combine the individual elements into a single unit brought him honor and respect ; Brand fashion press praised to the skies, openly calling him ` King mody` business. Brand Creation can be seen in a wide variety of fashion magazines ; woman, prized elegant clothes and colorful outfits quickly realizedMontano that work will help them create a lot of new and interesting images.

It later emerged that Montano design talents extend not only to clothes ; a man showed himself very, very skilled generalists. In 1999, Mark was one of the editors of `Cosmo Girl` -! Magazine and turned into something ,almost obligatory to introduce for the trendy teenagers at the time. A particular success with the public enjoyed his monthly column `Cool Room`; Montano here talked about interior design and inspired young people to creative and productive life ,narrating the simple and effective way of creating a suitable environment for such a way of life. In early 2002, the world saw the first book Montano, `Super Suite`; in her designer told about 15 real teenagers, who were able to considerably transform their homes.Debut as a writer has been quite successful and Mark continued his works in the literary field ; soon in print came second and third books, `Dollar Store Decor` and ` The Dummies Guide To Window Treatments And Slip Covers`.

Currently Montano continues to produce new books, continuing to engage in parallel and journalism ;his weekly column published in 70 newspapers across the country. Mark responds to readers` questions, giving valuable advice on interior design and creation of the business ; someone Montano even supports gift certificates of large retail chains. Since August 2004, Mark was the author of the column even in the `New York Post`

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