Mark Govlich

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Citizenship: Russia


He was born in Yekaterinoslav in cutter family. He graduated from the Class 4 treasury of Jewish schools. Since October 1917, in Ekaterinoslav in the Red Guard at the party, trade union, Komsomol (April 1918 - January 1919 in the underground.). Since April 1919, the Cheka agencies - military investigator, Head INFO

Special Department, Chief of the Special Section of the 14th Cavalry Division in 1922-1923 and 1924 - Deputy Head of KRO Ekaterinoslav province GPU card, student Graduate School of Frontier Troops of the USSR (1924-1925), assistant chief of Kamenetz-Podolsk frontier GPU on op, in the 1927-1930 biennium. I worked for INFO line in Kharkov, Stalin, Zinoviev in 1930-1934 gg. - Head ACT INFO // // opersektora Dnipropetrovsk region. Department GPU // UGB NKVD Dnipropetrovsk region. In 1934-1937 gg. - Head ACT UGB NKVD Kharkiv region, January-June 1937 - Deputy Chief of the 4th (ACT) department UGB NKVD of the Ukrainian SSR (in June 1937 removed from office and arrested for 30 days) .With September 1937 - Head of the NKVD of the Amur region.

He was awarded the Order of the Red Star, "Honorary worker Cheka-GPU."

Removed from office in June 1938, in July the decision of the Bureau of the Amur Regional Committee of the CPSU (b) was expelled from the party. Arrested on July 29, 1938, executed by sentence of a visiting session ECCU USSR. Do not rehabilitated.