Mark Galesnikov

Picture of Mark Galesnikov

Date of Birth: 09/09/1956

Age: 60

Place of birth: Samara

Citizenship: Israel

On the way Mark Galesnikom

With Mark Galesnikom, publisher of the popular Israeli newspaper comic "Beseder?", Well-known journalist and playwright, we know a hundred years, from the time when he was living in St. Petersburg, and worked in the "Change" and "Vecherka". When 12 years ago, Mark and his family left for Israel, we thought that a literary and journalistic activities he would have to leave. Who out there need jokes in Russian? Until jokes whether in exile, although in a country where you are waiting for? But it turned out that Mark was one of those who not only did not lose in the new environment, but also, one might say, has blossomed very quickly creating the business - the weekly edition of "Beseder?", Then he organized his own publishing house, and in recent years, taking up the political strategist, became a prominent figure in many election campaigns of Israeli politicians. His career in Israel - yet another confirmation of the old truth that people were being taken to a new place is not pots and pans, and themselves. If you`re worth something, and in Africa will not get lost.

At this time in Russia, Mark came to the book fair at the invitation of the Israeli cultural center and personally Yossi Tavora, the First Secretary of the Embassy of the State of Israel, as well as Dina Rubina, head of the department of social and cultural ties between the Jewish Agency in Russia.

For a mad whirl of affairs - performances on the evenings of humor, sales of books, meetings with friends - we still found time to talk. And we decided that our conversation will drive along the route Leningrad - Jerusalem, with stops on the vital ways.

- Let`s start our journey with the restructuring. You then lived in St. Petersburg, wrote satires for humorous sections of various newspapers. It was the beginning of change, but then came other times, and in this new environment, many confused satirists: You can blame the KGB, the Party, the police - but you never know what? - And for the satire seems to be gone. Fig from his pocket slowly crawled out. That person was the subject of ridicule to you?

- The point is not that varied topics, and that adjustment to society was a positive ideal, there was a standard way to do with the official authorities. And I remember that when the circle of those on whom it was possible to write, I wrote a satirical piece about the Secretary of the District Party Committee - then I have to "change" and "Vecherka" out of hundreds - and so the secretary unexpectedly invited me to his cabinet, locked with a key, turned off the phone, pulled out of the closet a bottle of vodka, poured in silence, and said:. "For your success" We drank a glass, and then he says: "You must understand me, I`m a power. I can be fire, shoot - it please. But you can not laugh at me. " I realized that I offended person can be said to have defiled the shrine ...

But since the Soviet empire collapsed, with the very same time when the dragon fell asleep in the Lord to the sound of "Swan Lake", was not the usual enemy, and all his satirists frantically looking for. And they find. What is the "new Russian", then Yeltsin.

- What, then, is the object of satire in Israel for you when you first got there? What are you there began to laugh?

- In Israel, at the end of the 90th year it was exactly the situation that gave birth to the satirical "Beseder?". We arrived in the country in December and called themselves the "Decembrists". And the new immigrants, no matter where they come from education, social status and age, were in the same conditions - all standing in the same queue in the ministry of absorption for the same benefits, all began to comprehend entirely new life. And it caused a denial of the unity. We knew that if the Prime Minister does not give us some sort of good - then he is bad.

- Your publications somehow influenced the fate of those whom you ridiculed?

- Our publications created in society a certain critical attitude. Four of the Prime Minister, who lost in the last few years that the highest post in the country, lost it only because of the fact that they voted against the majority of Russian immigrants, and it is the largest Israeli community. Former Prime Minister did not take into account the "Russian" factor - and here`s the result.

- Your newspaper is published weekly, it`s pretty weighty edition. Tell me how you can joke so many years? Where are the forces for the humor, and the material itself for ridicule?

- I`ve recently ran on its employees. That, they say, already 9 pm, and the work is not finished yet. And they answer me: "Galesnik, you got us! Now vyhodit582 th number. Each of the four bands, each 90-100 original jokes. For 12 years - it is 60 thousand jokes. " And I thought they were right!

- And how many people have humor in your newspaper?

- Four, including me, and I fall a quarter of the entire work, as in all others. I do "Editor`s Corner", headlines, announcements, puns. How can all this be done? I do not know myself. Inside it is difficult to explain. But we follow the principle, derived once by Aristotle, according to which "a tragedy - it is an imitation of worthy characters and comedy - unworthy". So, we have been ridiculing bad manners, idiotic, kretinskih acts, with which the Israeli reality abounds in a variety of.

- What do you think, why do you manage to survive? After all, Israel closed the newspaper quite often. I`m not talking about that now in the country is not the best of times.

- I think this is because several thousand people still live in Israel, who can not imagine themselves to finish the week without the "Besedera".

- What kind of jokes you have published on the topic of the day? Can you remember?

- Well, for example, an anecdote: "We heard you shoot?" - "It`s not us, it is in the yard." Or we published an ad that then many quoted: "In connection with the influenza epidemic, the Ministry of Health does not recommend mass gathering in one place of suicide bombers." Funny, is not it? Just do not look at me with eyes algid. In Israel, it all looks ridiculous.

I can say that in kakoy-nibud Dutch newspaper like "Besedera" would not have survived, and in countries such as Russia and Israel, such publication will always be, as for this, there are two basic conditions, two parts - vo-pervyh, crazy reality and vo-vtoryh great and immortal Russian language and literature, from which we derive our puns and jokes. For example, under the heading "Associated stress" we wrote: "Moscow. Boris Yeltsin met in the Kremlin. " Or of Israeli life: "Returning after talks at Camp David, Ehud Barak said:" We will give the Golan by storm. " You`ve got to know our reality, you need to know the context, then all this is getting ridiculous.

- Who are your colleagues? Ra sskazhi little about them.

- During the existence of "Besedera" it grew such great professionals Anatoly Lifshitz, Dmitriy Zilber, Shaul Reznik, Mikhail Shtelman. Before coming to Israel, they were not engaged in writing, and now the real "shark pen." Now, for example, I want to release a book of brilliant and witty jokes Dmitry Zilber.

- Mark, what do you think about this very "Russian" society after 12 years with the same time as all of you, "Decembrists" who came to Israel in the 90th year, stood in line for benefits?

- I can say that it is very different. Previously, it was clear who "our" and who is "not ours." Now, however, there was a huge bundle: there are rich and have succeeded as well as political leaders, who have been to pull the blanket over himself and set up their own ideas about the Russian community. And the "Russian street" was the same slice of Israeli society.

- So it`s normal! Why do you care? And then, you`re something that to this bundle?

- Well, why - I was really worried. We have no more generality, we have a common enemy, as it was in the Soviet Union.

- So you do not have enough of the very Soviet "dragon", against whom must fight all together ...

- What am I missing? .. I then went to Germany, and his wife said to me: "What do you fly to Berlin?" And I reply: "I do not know what ..." Just happens so rotten that if we do not let the end of the week, this breath of laughter, then many simply want to shoot ...

- A rotten because of what?

- There`s a war, maybe you do not know? And when there are reports about the next victims ... I am a simple man, and my staff, too, the common people, and after this news we want to go out, take a gun and shoot. Therefore, through force, through I do not want through the pessimism we feel that we must do everything so that people reading our "Beseder?" At least three times smiled. And maybe more.

- Such pessimism among satirist ... As a joke with such a mood?

- Do not you know my biggest secret? It was he, this very pessimistic, and the third part of the humorist. Strange, so many years, I know, but still have not guessed.