Mark Bradley

Picture of Mark Bradley

Age: 54

Place of birth: Carnforth

Citizenship: United Kingdom

The kidney from her mother and daughter kidney from

The grateful father is now recovering in hospital after his daughter donated him a kidney. The case of Mark Bradley, now 54-year-old resident of Carnforth, Lancashire (Carnforth, Lancashire), is unique in that in the past has also become a donor of his relative for him.

The first kidney transplant took place in 1992, when Mark was faced with headaches and started to feel sick. Then a kidney donated by his mother, Evelyn.

When 54-year-old Bradley again needed a transplant, his family appealed to the National Register of donors to find a suitable candidate.

Much to our surprise, Georgia kidney, 31-year-old daughter of Mark and went on all parameters.

`I am very lucky. I was lucky twice - says Bradley. - It is not often observed coincidence (organs and tissues) with relatives, so that double coincidence - it`s just udivitelno`.

`It`s like lightning struck the same place twice. I can not believe that I`m so udacha` smiled.

`Just enough to realize that my mother and my GA - ideal candidates for menya`.

`Simply there are no words to express my gratitude to my daughter. The situation is a bit incredible. It happened again! `

His first transplant of internal organs, Mark moved to the age of 30, after it refused both pochki.n four months was on dialysis before his mother, Evelyn, now 77-year-old, has been able to donate one of his kidneys.

However, about five years ago, the state of the transplanted kidney Bradley gradually began to deteriorate. In 2015 the graft is rejected entirely.

In June 2015, the daughter of Mark passed all the necessary procedures to assess the state had its tissues. Tests on tissue compatibility was also her son, Lewis, and the wife of the brand, Dawn.

Mark has been added to the queue in the national register of donors in the event that none of his relatives will not pass histocompatibility.

Fortunately, Georgia Bradley was an ideal candidate. It was learned that the transplant surgery is scheduled for early September.

The procedure for recovery of the left kidney in Georgia lasted three hours. Mark won his fourth in a row kidney during a two-hour operation.

Now his body as much as four kidneys. Donated by his mother body by the right side, and the new kidney is located on the left. At the same time, the two kidneys own brand remain in a fixed position in his body.

The new kidney functions in the abdomen of the recipient connected to the blood vessels and the bladder.

Doctors decided not to remove the old buds, because the extraction procedure dostatochnoslozhnaya. Broken bodies will be removed only in case of a serious injury or inflammation.

Thanks to medical advances, Georgia has undergone surgery technique with minimum incision and sutures avoided, unlike her grandmother.

The first couple of days after the transplant, Mark spent in a medical facility.

At the same time his daughter three days later returned home.

Only after the operation, when retreated headaches and nausea, Bradley realized how horrible it was his condition.

`I was pleasantly excited, but at the same time, nervous - Georgia said. - When I saw my father, who had returned to normal life, I realized that we have done that stoilo`.

`It is not easy to accept the fact that a part of me now my father, and that the part of me that he pomogaet`.

`Strange feeling. On the one hand, my father got better. On the other, most likely I will be worse, because my only kidney will have to work twice as bolshe`.

Georgia adds: `Yet just great to see how my father is recovering. When we first came to the hospital for testing, I saw how bad the people around feel. And I did not want my father came to the same sostoyaniya`.

`The doctors said that will make a small incision, so there could squeeze through the surgeon`s hand and remove my kidney. The first thing I did when I was taken to the operating room, look, what size of the surgeon`s hand! `

Without a new kidney Mark again would have to `sidet` on dialysis and spend on the waiting list, probably at least four years.

Bradley will need some time to visit the doctor twice a week to make sure that the kidney, which must work 20 years, not naughty and functioning properly.

In addition, the patient must take pills that suppress the immune system to avoid rejection. His daughter is hoping to return to work within the next few weeks.

Overview of waiting for a kidney transplant

Ideally, kidney transplantation should be carried out when the tests indicate that the degree of damage your body is so great that in the next six months, you will need dialysis.

However, due to the lack of available kidneys is unlikely to receive the body at this time, if a family member or friend that has the same type of tissue, is not ready to make a donation.

Most people with kidney failure need dialysis while waiting for a kidney available.

Average time spent on the waiting list for a kidney transplant is between two to three years, but it can be shorter or, on the contrary, much longer.