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One of the richest people and families in Australia

Buris start small, and he said he owe everything to my parents, George (George Bouris) and Marche Buris (Marsha Bouris), brought up in his son the habit of discipline and other qualities, which allowed Mark to escape from Panchboul (Punchbowl), working suburb of Sydney (Sydney), and to lead the board of directors of one of the world`s largest companies.

The company `Wizard Home Loans` Burisom was founded in 1996, and in 2004 he sold it to` GE Money` over half a billion dollars. Subsequently, the company `GE Money` sold its recent acquisition of one of the competitors, `Aussie Home Loans`, for the same $ 500 million at the height of the global financial crisis in December 2008.

June 18, 2009 Buris became chairman of the investment and industrial company `TZ Limited`, and now he is the chairman of the board` Yellow Brick Road`, a company that operates in the field of financial planning, financial consulting, asset management and mortgages. In addition, Mark is on the board of directors and supports the Sydney Roosters `` (Sydney Roosters), a team from the National Rugby League Australia Rugby (National Rugby League of Australia).

In August 2011, Mark was appointed as non-executive chairman `Anteo Diagnostics`, an Australian biotechnology company that creates innovative medical diagnostic technology. He is also a non-executive chairman `Serena Resources Limited`, an Australian company, whose activities are focused on the extraction and processing of copper in Chile (Chile).

For the first time Mark was in Buris `BRW Rich 200`, a list of the 200 richest individuals and families in Australia in 2005, and in 2007 he was in the list for the second time.

Australians are well aware Burisa because he starred in commercials `Wizard Home Loan` in the late 90`s and early 2000`s. Since Burisa had plenty of experience in dealing with the media, June 8, 2009, he was named as the host of the Australian version of the American reality show `The Apprentice`. `The Apprentice Australia` aired in 2009 on channel Nine Network, but lasted only one season. When in October 2011 released a spin-off of the program `The Celebrity Apprentice Australia`, Buris was leading the show. Unlike its predecessor, `The Celebrity Apprentice Australia` was a great success and is often included in the list of the 5 most popular programs of the day. In November 2011, the channel Nine Network announced that extends the show for a second season, which began broadcasting in April 2012 with the participation of American actor and singer David Hasselhoff (David Hasselhoff).

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