Mark Bogatirev

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Date of Birth: 12/22/1984

Age: 31

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

Secrets "Kitchen" Mark Bogatyrev

Author: Andrew Puminov

Website: Celebrities

Mark Bogatyrev only thirty years old, but he is truly a popular favorite. At the same time the way the actor`s success was not easy, and creative profession he chose not immediately. Mark was born in Moscow, just on the winter solstice - December 22, 1984 His mother was an artist by profession, paid much attention to creative research and travel. She resided in Obninsk, and arrived in Moscow for a short time to pass the exams, and right on the subway felt contractions far ahead of schedule. Mark`s mother was never married, and the boy who was raised by her grandmother, who lives in Obninsk, does not know anything about his father. As a child, the famous actor was short and plump, had a high-pitched voice, and in the yard of the company he would have had a hard time, if not the ability to tell funny stories and play scenes. In 10 years in the children`s camp, Mark met with Oleg Demidov, director and head of Obninsk Theatre drama school `DEMI`. The boy became interested in theater, played a lot of studio productions. In the 14 years to help his grandmother, he began to work: in the hall of slot machines on the construction site protection.

After high school, Mark really wanted to go to theater school, but my grandmother was trying to dissuade him. Arguments that none of the Studio `DEMI` so far failed to act on the acting department that sluchaeneudachi Mark have to go into the army, finally, that the novice actor salary is low and unreliable, had their effect. Mark joined the economics department of the Technical University of Obninsk nuclear power. However, all holidays and weekends he spent in Moscow, watching the theatrical news and communicating with students of theater schools. Already third year, Mark has successfully passed the casting of the film `Nenasytnye` (premiered 2006). He was assigned a major role, Archie, and on the set communication with Nikita Efremov, Vladimir Epifantsevym and other aspiring actor Mark has strengthened in the decision to enroll in college theater. Realizing that its natural features are not too high, Bogatyrev year dealt with school teacher Schepkinskogo L. Ivanova, especially coming from this not a short Obninsk. As a result, a year later, he successfully passed the entrance exams at once in two universities - Moscow Art Theater School and GITIS, and on the recommendation of Nikita Efremov entered the school-studio on the course I. Zolotovitsky. In 2010, after graduation, Mark Bogatyrev trainee enrolled in the troupe of Moscow Art Theatre. Chekhov.

Among the scenic images Bogatyrev - Friday in `Snow White and the seven gnomah`, Timote in `Hanume`, Zelencov in` Damned and ubityh`, several roles in `Master and Margarite` and other works. In addition to participating in performances, Mark teaches performing arts in private schools, prepares students to enroll in college theater, and, of course, is involved in casting.

While still a student, he starred in the TV series `Lyubov.RU`,` Inoe` (6 series), the film `The tariff Novogodniy`. Later Mark Bogatyrev took part in several projects, but it is considered as the main vocation of the scene and the shooting attitude, as a means of earning. But the real triumph for him was the main role in the TV series `Kuhnya`.

Invitation to audition to participate in the TV show actor received immediately after graduation. Dmitry Dyachenko took it to perform the title role, and a month later took Bogatyrev in a pilot project. Bogatyrev Hero, Max Lavrov - skilled and ambitious cook from the province, aspiring to a professional career, but is prone to recklessness and invincible in anger. The centerpiece of the show takes its love affair with the art director of Vika, who performs Elena Elena Podkaminskaya. Relationship actors often go beyond the office, they are often seen together, that was the basis for the rumors that the novel they have not only on the screen. Elena Podkaminskaya long time did not respond to these conversations, then `publiku` brought to her husband, which is happily married and has a daughter. Mark Bogatyrev, in turn, shared with reporters a story about how to make a proposal to his bride in the style of the game `Fort Boyard`. However, the girl`s name was not called, and no wedding did not take place, but there are new reports that Bogatyrev cut his veins almost on the set. The actor vehemently denied anything like that, and assured that he was in the hospital with the common cold. However, Mark`s mother shared with the press information that the son had a nervous breakdown on a background of excessive load, because in parallel with the `Kuhney` he participated in another on several projects.

`Kuhnya` series became one of the highest-rated. Not less success enjoyed and its sequel `Kitchen Parizhe` currently underway shooting another season, this time dedicated to Chinese cuisine. In addition, in the production are still a number of projects with the participation of Mark Bogatyrev: Catherine Velikaya` `` Love in vedmu`, `Uchitelya` and others.

Not so long ago the actor bought a new apartment and diligently engaged in its arrangement, but when it appears young mistress, yet can not speak. During the filming of `Kuhni` actor has mastered methods of work of professional chefs, and sometimes indulge yourself and guests an unusual dish. Not forgotten, and long-standing passion for sports - the apartment is equipped with a small gym with a treadmill and a horizontal bar. In addition, Mark likes to read serious literature, particularly Dostoevsky, and tries not to miss the premiere of the theater.

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