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Date of Birth: 1950

Age: 65

Citizenship: United States

Povar- "minimalist", the journalist and writer

Books and articles of Mark Bittman devoted predominantly to the same question - delicious food and the secrets of its preparation. Three of his work - including almost become a cult `Cooking at Home with a Four-Star Chef` - were awarded prizes of the International Culinary Association (International Association of Culinary Professionals) and prizes named after Julia Child (Julia Child) and James Beard (James Beard ).

In 2008, Bittman starred with Gwyneth Paltrow (Gwyneth Paltrow), and Mario Batali (Mario Batali) in the series PBS `Spain ... on the Road Again`.

January 26, 2011, in the pages of `New York Times` published the first of a series of column Bittman Minimalist`` ( `The Minimalist`); It is also known that Bittman wrote for `The New York Times Magazine` and` Mnenie` column ( `Opinion`). Among the speakers is not limited to - Bittman published in `The New YorkTimes` and rather large article (again, mainly on the culinary theme).

In August of 2012 Bittman in his next creation for the `New York Times` referred to the sudden death of PR-director of` Chick-Fil-A` Don Perry (Don Perry); the hero of his article Bittman without much compunction called a pig. A similar attack took place in the late address readers do not like; Bittman has long been accused of uncivilized behavior - forced eventually to issue a formal apology.

It was possible to speak Bittman and on television; it is often invited to all sorts of TV shows - from programs like `The Today Show` and` All Things Considered` game projects to level `Wait, Wait, Don`t Tell Me`. Of course, in the culinary show Bittman has been a frequent guest - well, he was invited as a judge for the project `Food Network`` Chopped`. Another constant Bittman cooking show at the moment is on the network, on the website `New York Times`.

In 2013, Bittman criticized the US Senate has passed through a law on the procedure of subsidizing farmers.

The first book of Mark, `Leafy Greens`, was published in 1995.

In 1998 I saw the light of `How to Cook Everything`, in 1999 -` Fish - The Complete Guide to Buying and Cooking`, in 2000 - `Simple to Spectacular`.

In 2005, Bittman has released two books at once - `The Best Recipes in the World` and` Bittman Takes on America`s Chefs`; in the same year, Mark launched on `Public Television` series` Bittman Takes on America`s Chefs`, brought him a prize named after James Byrd in the category `Best Culinary shou`.

In 2007, Bittman published a new book - `How to Cook Everything Vegetarian`; The same year saw the light created by Marc movie `What`s wrong with what we eat?` .In 2009 he published work `Food Matters`, in which well-known to his readers culinary theme organically flowed into environmental issues, lifestyle, overproduction and `perepotrebleniya` meat and simple carbohydrates. In addition, Mark launched a new television show - `Kitchen Express`.

Book `The Minimalist Cooks at Home`,` The Minimalist Cooks Dinner` and `The Minimalist Entertains` once again confirmed that Bittman is a highly talented writer - especially when it comes to culinary matters. I do not disappoint fans of the brand and its `The Food Matters Cookbook` - a kind of expansion and rethinking set out in the second book of recipes.

At the moment, Mark Bittman lives in New York (New York City) with his wife, graphic designer Till Kelly (Kelly Doe); previous marriage in Bittman had two daughters.

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