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The first work of Mary Sagaidak in the film - the role of a Spanish girl in the film Emil Amparo Lotyanu "This is the moment." Maria won the rigorous art studio Council members "Moldova-Film" has a screen test. Nothing special in this pilot episode of the candidates in the actress did not seem to do - just play football on the beach, in a pair with another debutant - Mircea Voynichesku-Sotsky, but she moved remarkably plastic, sincere and contagious laugh, did not even seem to notice the camera. And it is the fear of the imaging camera, in front of her stiffness often destroying newcomers.

The actress with the same courage behaved in front of camera, with which, apparently, looked into the eyes of strict examiners, when handed over candidate examinations. At that time she was a graduate student Kievka Institute of Mathematics and Cybernetics.

The exam for the right to act in the movie "It`s a moment," she stood with honor. The coming year of hard work (the role of Amparo - the main in this tape), and in the film Maria had only speak Spanish and, of course, have to learn the basics of the acting profession. Her teacher and mentor on the set was very Lotyanu, already had experience of working with the actress on the set-layman "Krasnaya Polyana", where he discovered the young talent - Svetlana Toma.

When at a meeting with the director of the audience I was once asked why he chose this time to give a responsible role Amparo nonprofessional actress Lotyanu remarked with a smile:

- In Sagaidak I saw the person, and the person for me the most important thing. Actress she is good, believe me.

And an actress in the highest sense of the word became Mary. From the first scenes of the painting "Streetcar" and "Cafe" Sagaidak leading role Amparo softly and lyrically, achieving complete naturalness in her character actions. Especially as her partner in these scenes was such a wonderful actor like Mihai Volontir.

Michael and Maria feelings of his characters have tried to pass mainly through graphic means views, subtle gestures. Scenes turned poetic, full of lyrical moods. In this great achievement and the young debutantes, who managed to conquer the audience with his charm.

Especially successful, in our view, the scene of parting lovers. The most difficult thing for Spain, when bloody battles were already in Catalonia, Mihai (Lotyanu handed film character actor Volontir name), who had the right as a civilian pilot to leave Spain, could not leave the country until there Amparo, Amparo his ... - We will no longer leave, - said Mikhail gently pressed to a girl. - Even when one of us will not. I do not know what will happen tomorrow, do not even know if it exists, it`s tomorrow. I do not know if it was yesterday. There is only one big today, which fits all our life ... This night - a continuation of my today. And so this night will be a day and you will be in the morning, my morning and my wife.

What should have been Amparo to deserve such words! And Mary has become so Amparo. Volontir, who played the role of Mihai Adam, later recalled that near Sagaidak it works very easily. Even where young debutante lacked professionalism, sincerity and charm rescued. Her Amparo as if lit from within, and this imagery of the Spanish girls and a pilot from faraway Bessarabia became even soulfully.

During one of the meetings with the audience after the screening of the film "It`s a moment" in the village of Bardar, some of those present in the hall doubted that Sagaidak - mathematician. It`s right out of the hall threw actress rather complicated mathematical equation. Mary responded immediately and quite comprehensively, earned a storm of applause throughout the hall.

Popularity, Maria won her first in this role, was huge. Gheorghe Voda immediately invited her on a leading role - teacher Viorica Vrabie in his painting, "One to Love," which he filmed on the script A.Busuyka. However, participation in this picture a little chtodalo actress for creative growth. The dramaturgy of the script was too sluggish and vague. Maria was shot here in a pair with his brother Mircea - Victor Sotsky-Voynichesku. Two young teacher looked elegant and beautiful against the backdrop of an equally beautiful scenery, but where there is no real drama, the actors tend to do nothing, but to demonstrate their excellent external data.

Two other episodic roles played by Mary in the films "Reserve officer" and "Lautars" can also be considered in the through its creative biography. But this does not mean that the actress has lowered its creativity. She remained in brilliant form, which once again confirmed its participation in one of the main roles - Jounins in the film "Earth, demand", where one of its partners was the role of our Moldovan actor Grigore Grigoriu.

Mary played the first "foreign" studio, another director, but, as recognized by the Benjamin Dorman, the director of this film, "acclimatized" is a new team rather quickly. This was facilitated by the fact that its other partners were such great actors as Oleg two - Zhakov and shorn.

Speaking one on Moldovan TV, Maria told me that Zhakov father, took care of her on the set. Through this creative support she had the opportunity to work more efficiently on the role Jounins.

Generally, in this tape, which tells about the Soviet intelligence abroad, women`s fashion is very small, and the lyrical, perhaps one - Janina. Therefore, the whole lyric line is held mainly on her. And Mary with this difficult task successfully coped. When Moldovan documentary cinematographers shot color full-length film "Moldavian sketches", one of the heroines of the novels "Three Mary" along with Mary Bieshu and Maria Codreanu, was Maria Sagaidak. The authors of this tape and M.Gaspas M.Izrailev quite fully disclosed features of scientific and creative biography of Mary Sagaidak. Although employment Maria scientific and pedagogical activity, directors of various film studios were harassing Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Chisinau State University, inviting her to the shooting of a film. In the seventies she starred in the detective Vasile Breskanu "All the evidence against him," playing the role of the bride`s collective-farm driver - Katinka, someone falsely accused in a car accident the groom was arrested right at his own wedding, just as in the novel by Alexandre Dumas` The Count of Monte Cristo " .

In the struggle for justice Katinka comes to the highest police authorities, while the dock is not the real culprit.

As the editor of this film, I was able to observe the work of Mary on the set, marvel at her skill. In another tape, which I edited, "Mark Twain against ..." Maria played the role of stenographers great writer - Pirlo. The role played Twain Oleg Tabakov. Subsequently, arrived in Moldova, where he was given the title "Doctor honoris causa" of the International Academy of Economic Law and Audiovisual Arts, Tabakov with great tenderness thought of working on a film in a pair with Maria-Pirlo.

I was lucky that in my scenario "Incident at the festival," one of the main roles - the head of the Bulgarian Folk Dance Ensemble Maria Ilieva starred Sagaidak.

Soon the film studio "Mosfilm" she acted in the film of the Chilean director Sebastian Alarcon "Night over Chile", and then again work in Moldova, this time on television in the film of his first teacher - Emil Lotyanu "Luceafarul".

And another little shtrishok in Mary`s biography. For the first time on its cover in the history of "Soviet Screen" magazine was printed portrait of the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor Maria Sagaidak.

Now Mary is almost removed, doing our upbringing of the younger generation of mathematicians. At the same time, it is always a creative person - just Mary, which is known and loved by millions.