Mariya Pirogova

Picture of Mariya Pirogova

Age: 25

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

Website: Celebrities

Acting Education Maria Pirogov received the Higher Theatre School. Shchukin on course Yu.Nifontova (2011 edition). As a student, she appeared in small roles in television series "Law & Order: Criminal Intent -3" and "Univer" (Asya, girlfriend Sasha, to persuade him to do the piercing). In addition, Mary has worked in puppet theater Obraztsov, took part in productions of "The Divine Comedy" and "Cinderella."

In 2010, Maria Pirogov was invited to audition in the "Interns" series (for the role of Wari Chernous). However, due to employment in the drama school, she was forced to abandon. The role went to Christine Asmus. However, in Mary withdraw "interns" failed. A year later, it was approved for the role of Alice, daughter of Dr. Bykov (Ivan Ohlobystin).

Maria Pirogov notes that it is easy to work with his dad cinematic. "Literally from the first day we started filming with Ivan Okhlobystin, I began to call him" Dad. " It happened skills can ", - she says. And he adds: "He immediately began to give me advice," rectified "or" Less devchatiny "!. In short, he became my mentor. It helped, but, in addition, next to him is always fun. "


2008 Law & Order: Criminal Intent -3 - series

2009 Univer - series

Interns 2011 - series