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Date of Birth: 02/24/1939

Age: 53

Place of Birth: Graz

Citizenship: Austria


Author: Alexei Bulatov

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Marisa Mell, real name - Marlies Therese Moitsi (Marlies Theres Moitzi), was born on February 24th 1939 in Graz, Austria (Graz, Austria).

In 1963, she became a member of a brutal car accident. Within six hours of Marisa he was unconscious, unaware that almost lost his right eye. Also disfiguring injury touched her lips. Mell next two years spent on the operating table of a plastic surgeon, almost regaining its previous form, except for some curvature of her upper lip.

She refused to 7-year contract with Hollywood, stating that the terms of its contract were set out in a hefty book. Marisa has added mockingly: `I think, even to go to the toilet, I would take razreshenie`.

In 1967, Mell has played a major role in the musical `` mnogostradalnom` Mata Hari` ( `Mata Hari`) with Pernell Roberts (Pernell Roberts). After the preview performances in Washington DC (Washington, DC), which has become notorious for its numerous technical problems, producer David Merrick (David Merrick) has decided to close the show before its scheduled release on Broadway.

Marisa is best known for the role it played Kant Eva (Eva Kant) in the Franco-Italian criminal blockbuster Mario Bava (Mario Bava) `Dyabolik` (` Danger: Diabolik`)-1968. In the late 1990s, participated in the cult American serial television comedy `Mystery Theater 3000 goda` (` Mystery Science Theater 3000` / `MST3K`) helped the actress to find new admirers of her talent, fond of movies category`in`. In the TV series `MST3K` also included version of the film `New York is Superdrakona` (` Secret Agent Super Dragon` / `New York calls Superdragon`) with its stellar participation.

She was married to Henry Tucci (Henri Tucci). The marriage ended in divorce.

Marisa Mell died of throat cancer in Vienna (Vienna), 16 th May 1992 at the age of 53 years.

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