Marion Brown

Picture of Marion Brown

Age: 63

Place of birth: Gateshead

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Lung cancer has increasingly women

She blamed her asthma. Marion says, `I have found asthma a few years ago. I did not need to use an inhaler often, but sometimes, when I climbed the hill, or overcome a long way, or carrying something tyazheloe`. When help arrived, Jill, she asked her mother to see a doctor, but Marion did not see this particular need. A few days later she remembered her daughter advice, when there was another attack. Brown hoped to get a new inhaler ...

Instead of the old physician met her new, young professional, who sent Marion to X-rays. This decision may have saved her life. In the picture could be seen a small opaque shade in the right lung. Doctors took it as old scars from infection, so the next four weeks Brown took additional treatment. In February 2010, the new X-ray image of lungs was made, but the blackout did not disappear. `Doctor-consultant turned to me, - says Marion - and said that I should go to someone else something. My heart sank. I had enough knowledge from the time when I was the district nurse to understand that my prospects are not raduzhnye`.

She returned to the hospital with her husband, 61-year-old Kevin, where it was suggested that Brown could be cancer. X-rays and the first biopsy did not give reason to sound the alarm, but the second biopsiyavyyavila few suspicious cells in the lungs of Marion, and she was told that surgery is needed to remove them. After three weeks, the upper lobe of the right lung was removed as a result of lobectomy. `When I went to a counselor - Marion says - he looked at me and asked why no one with me. I convinced myself so that I may not be cancer, which went to a reception at odinochku`. However, the doctor told Brown that she had a cancer the size of 3.7 cm Education has been removed.

Marion says: `I was just crushed. I just could not believe it. I always thought that lung cancer occurs in older smokers ... Many years ago, I rarely smoke in the company. In times of stress, I smoked a little more, but never allowed more than ten cigarettes a day. There were days when I did not do any tightening. When I got cancer, I have not smoked for ten years, so as not to provoke asthma. I just could not think about that when something fall on me legkih` cancer.

Marion - one of a growing number of women in the UK who have detected a malignant neoplasm of the lung. Over the past five years, the number of victims increased by 13%. The death rate from lung cancer among European women exceeded the mortality rate among those who have suffered from breast cancer.

When Brown allowed myself a cigarette, she usually chose for himself `extra-light sigarety`, cigarettes with a very low content of resin. In this Jan Hunt, thoracic surgeon consultant from Tooting (Tooting), said: `Many people, especially women, have switched to cigarettes with low tar, in the mistaken belief that these cigarettes are less harmful for them. But there are reasons to believe that for such a choice people make a deep puff, rather than when smoking a cigarette strengths to achieve the same effect. This has resulted in changes in the forms of cancer that now nablyudaetsya`.

The most common types of lung cancer in the UK - it is squamous cell carcinoma (usually located in the center of the lungs), and adenocarcinoma. This second variant was detected in Marion, where the cancers are often found in the outer regions of the lungs.

In recent years, surgeons, as Ian Hunt, note adenocarcinoma growth, the most common form of lung cancer in women. Hunt says: `People consider lung cancer as the smoker`s disease. There is an idea that is to quit smoking, and the risk of lung cancer drops to the level comparable with the one that is inherent in those who never smoked. In fact, this will not happen. In fact, the hypothesis that the risk will come to naught, once you stop smoking, not true. However, we do not know why some people like dymivshie locomotives for many years, never suffer from lung cancer, while kakbolezn affects those who smoke on a case by occasion`.

Loic Lang-Lazdunski, Professor of Thoracic Surgery of London (London), said that too often lung cancer is detected only after its proliferation. The traditional method of diagnosing works well on older people. `The fact that it becomes more and more women 40-50 years old who smoked 20 cigarettes a day, starting with 13-15 years - explains Lang-Lazdunski. - Their adenocarcinoma, usually at the peripheral outer edges of the tumor lung and these are small and quickly rasprostranyayutsya` aggressive tumors.

Adenocarcinoma is treatable by surgery, followed by radiation and chemotherapy administered. However, in the case need to be taken immediately. Too often, many women ignore symptoms such as coughing or shortness of breath, or all blamed on the existing disease, while the cancer spreads. If your cough persists for more than three weeks, there is shortness of breath or coughing blood is released, it is necessary to blow the whistle immediately.

Marion chemotherapy after the surgery took place. In April 2015, if nothing changes, it will knock remission for five years. Brown tries to return to normal life and maintain their health. `When I say that I have lung cancer, did not believe me, - says the last Marion. - Like me, people think that lung cancer - a lot starikov`.