Mario Sabato

Picture of Mario Sabato

Date of Birth: 02/15/1945

Age: 71

Citizenship: Argentina


Author: Olga Dunchik

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Mario Sabato was born on 15 February 1945 in Argentina - in the family for at least a known person - Argentine artist, essayist and novelist - Ernesto Sabato. Father Mario was born in a family where there were eleven children (he was born on the tenth). Ernesto Sabato has created a huge number of copyright works, including novels, essays, publications and many other literary works of art. One of them was subsequently put on screen - in 1979. - his own son Mario.

Mario Sabato grew up in a family in which creativity, the world of theater and cinema, art and other spheres of art valued most. It is because the future director never thought about a career.

Despite the fact that a special impact on the formation of a future profession Sabato Jr. has had his own father, the primary role played by all the natural gift of Mario and - talent and ability.

Mario Sabato began his professional career as an assistant director. He canceled his job and soon gained experience.

During the seventies and eighties talented director Mario Sabato has published several comedy films, as well as a number of children`s films. While the filmmaker worked under the pseudonym Adrian Quiroga and enjoyed great popularity among the audience.

In the subsequent time, Mario Sabato made many more great films, including such as