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Date of Birth: 09/08/1930

Age: 86

Place of birth: Zurich

Citizenship: Switzerland


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Start a career

Mario Adorf was born September 8, 1930 in Zurich. His father, a surgeon from Calabria, he had seen only once in my life. Education of his son`s mother worked.

Education Mario Adorf was in Munich, in the School of acting Falkenberg. After high school, while playing at the Chamber Theater.

On the silver screen Mario Adorf made his debut in 1954 while still a student, playing the role of Wagner`s military trilogy directed by Paul May`s "08/15." And the first great success of the actor brought the role of Bruno Ludke in the drama of the famous German director Robert Sodmaka "The night came when the devil" (1957).

German cinema at that time going through a period of post-war establishment and renovation, and young Mario Adorf has been in great demand. He starred in the war drama Geza von Radwan (Doctor of Stalingrad "(Pelz), in the drama, Rolf Thiele" Maiden Rosemary "(Horst), a comedy by Robert Sodmaka" My school friend, "the drama of Gerd Oswald," The Royal Game "(Mirko Sentovich) and other films by German directors.

The flowering of creativity

In the early 1960s, Mario Adorf moved to Rome. In 1961 he starred in the role of Max Clausen in the Franco-Italian film director Yves Chyampi "Who are you, Richard Sorge?", Which tells about the life of the famous Soviet spy (he played the role of German actor Thomas Holzmann). It is noteworthy that before this time the name of Richard Sorge was compromised suspected in a double agent and erased from Soviet history. At a closed screening of the film was shown to Nikita Khrushchev, who, after watching his team gave rehabilitate Sorge.

On 60 - 70 years accounts for the flowering of creativity Mario Adorf. He has acted in films in Italian, French, German directors. Among his works - roles in dramas Rolf Thiele`s "Lulu" (Rodrigo) and "Morality 63" (reporter Alex Rottman), drama Seth Holt "Station Six-Sahara (Santos), comedy Antonio Petrandzheli" The Visitor "(Cucaracha), adventure tape Antonio Isaza-Isasmendi "Our man in Istanbul" (Bill), detective George Pollock`s "Ten Little Indians" (Joseph Grohmann), crime comedy Dino Risi "Operation" Saint Januarius "(Skyatsillo), a comedy by Renato Castellani" Ghosts in Italian (Alfredo ) and etc.

Many viewers Mario Adorf was remembered by Western blot Harald Reynla "Winnetou" (1963, the second name "Apache Gold"). The actor played a cheater Federico Center, which with their thugs in charge of the construction of roads in the Midwest. In the fight with him comes the son of an Indian chief Winnetou ... In 1964 Mario Adorf again starred in the film on an Indian theme. In the western US director Sam Peckinpah`s "Major Dundee" he played Sergeant Gomez.

Russian Movie

Soviet audiences became acquainted with this remarkable actor thanks to Michael Kalatozova picture "The Red Tent" (1969). Full cinematic drama about the international Arctic expedition led by Umberto Nobile, a catastrophe had befallen her, and rescue the majority of participants Soviet pilots and sailors of the icebreaker "Krasin" was a great success among the audience. Mario Adorf starred in the role of radio operator Biaggi. I especially remember his song "Para-Pons Pons-on." The film starred international composition: Sean Connery, Claudia Cardinale Hardy Kruger, Peter Finch, Luigi Vannucci, Edward Martsevich, Nikita Mikhalkov, Donatas Banionis and other outstanding actors.

Twenty years later, Mario Adorf had the opportunity once again to work in Russia. At this time he was invited in his painting Gleb Panfilov. The actor played a role in the film adaptation of the famous novel by Maxim Gorky`s "Mother".

Roles, directors, partners ...

During his life, Mario Adorf has starred in almost two hundreds of television and films, becoming one of the most popular actors in Germany and Italy. It is equally organic and serious dramas, and crime thrillers and comedies and family tapes. Of particular note are his work in the film by the acclaimed German director Volker Schlondorff. So in the drama "insulted honor of Katharina Blum", telling about how rough the state security machine and soulless press burst into the life of a young, attractive woman, turning it into a nightmare, Mario Adorf brilliantly played a major role - Commissioner Benzimina.

For twenty years Schlondorff wanted to make a film "The Tin Drum" (by the same name philosophical-political novel-parable Gunter Grass, a landmark thing for the German-speaking literature). When the director finally began shooting, then one of the main roles he entrusted Mario Adorf. Hardly coming on screens, this anti-fascist tape immediately attracted attention. The film was honored with many prestigious awards, among them: "Palme d`Or" at the Cannes Film Festival and the "Oscar" of the American Academy Award for best foreign film.

Happened Mario Adorf to work with other prominent German director - Werner Fassbinder in his famous drama "Lola" (1981), a film about the fate of a German woman after the Second World War, and figuratively - and the fate of Germany itself, coming up after the fascist dictatorship. Partner Mario Adorf in this film was a great German actress Barbara Sukowa.

With partners Mario Adorf`ve always been lucky. He starred with such outstanding masters as Sophia Loren and Vittorio Gassman, Stefania Sandrelli and Gina Lollobrigida. In the famous crime series "The Octopus" (where Mario Adorf played the role of Salvatore Frolov), he had the opportunity to work with Michele Placido, in the biographical drama of the famous Italian director Liliana Cavani, "Francis" (1989), fate brought him with Mickey Rourke and drama Bille August `Snow Smillie feeling "(1997) was a charming partner actor Julia Ormond.

In recent years, Mario Adorf starred in many different German television movies: romance and family tapes.

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