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Date of Birth: 04/01/1959

Age: 57

Place of birth: Winter

Citizenship: Russia



Marina Yakovleva was born in Siberia, in small town Winter Irkutsk region. At school she was an excellent student, all her respect. Until seventh grade, Marina did not dream of becoming an actress, but was fond of cinema, collecting postcards with the actors. The girl was brought up in the Soviet cinema, and she liked the extraordinary actress Nadezhda Rumyantseva, Nonna Mordjukova, Inna Churikova. With great pleasure we watched war films.

The decision to become an actress came in Marina only in high school. After school, she went to conquer Moscow.


When Marina came to act in GITIS, she had a horrible pronunciation. She recalled that "... spoke as used to say at home: instead of" sh "sound" f "For example, instead of eating - ef, instead of a mouse - myf And this terrible patter - a thousand words per minute I still often... chattering, but then ... ". However, her teachers "patter" made a positive impression. They thought that this gives the girl a charm, highlights the individuality of her nature.

As a student of GITIS, Marina started to act in films, and the first for his roles attracted the attention of viewers. In just a few years, she starred in several films, the most notable of which were children`s adventure film Yuri Yegorov "Wind of wanderings" where she played Marfutku and melodrama Alexander Gordon "Scenes of family life."

Interestingly, in aspiring actress filmmakers saw "blue heroine", and she subsequently had to literally fight for character roles, which have been far more interesting to her. This colorful work was Maryutka of "Forty first" - its Marina has played a student GITIS on stage.

Meeting with Andrei Rostotsky

With director Andrei Rostotsky Marina Yakovleva met in 1979. It happened by accident. Marina had just finished painting "Scenes of family life." She stood at the entrance of Gorky Film Studio and talked to assistant director, who brought her the script of the film "Once, twenty years later." Past ran a young man of medium height. Marina Alexandrovna remembers, "I looked at him - and his heart sank There was a feeling that this man is come into my life Anticipation flickered and disappeared caught up with us, he has thrown:..." Hello, Marina "(friend of the same name was Marina!). She introduced us. It was Andrei Rostockiy ".

Perhaps their familiarity and would remain a fleeting, if not the most assistant. She soon called and Marina, and invited to take part as extras in the movie "A squadron of hussars volatile". Of course, her spoiled the attention of cinema (only in 1979 on its account was half a dozen roles in the movies), not very much like to participate in the crowd, but the assistant so pleaded, explaining that for the shooting needs good dancing actors that Marina I agreed. She really knew how and loved to dance. The Institute for the dance she was always five. An important factor influencing her consent was also the fact that in this film in the role of Denis Davydov starred Andrew Rostockiy who liked her after their first meeting.

In the painting "A squadron of hussars volatile" Marina played a young provincial young lady, dancing the waltz at the ball the hussars. Marina is not just dancing. Fulfilling this episode, she tried to convey the spirit of the era in which lived her heroine, think of her character. Not surprisingly, Andrew Rostockiy to dance in couple chose it.

Marina Yakovleva says: "We waltzed giddy with happiness I fell in love Just like in the novels - at a glance He was very good-looking in a hussar costume, which he walked, danced easily and gracefully And it was nice and easy..... with him in the vortex of the waltz. he once mischievous and fun looking at me, blue eyes, and I felt lost. in between shots, although nearby and had many of his fellow stunt, he did not leave me a single step, telling funny cinematic history ... "

Andrew and Marina continued to maintain a relationship and after filming. Soon Rostockiy made her an offer, Marina agreed, and in 1980 they were married.


Marina and Andrew were not just different people, they were completely out of different worlds. Marina, brought up in a simple family, did not fit in the aristocratic circle of her husband. However, madly in love, she initially did not see it all in order. Already in the first month of their life together, Andrew pains to emphasize their superiority. Once, he said: "God loved the fresh blood to pour land girls to preserve the breed." In this case, according to Marina, and her role was.

Gradually, the couple began to drift apart, the relationship grew colder. The situation was aggravated and love affairs Andrew, therefore, not surprising that it soon led to a natural break. Together they lived only a year and a half.

Today, talking about the reasons for her divorce from Rostotsky, Marina A. says: "... probably because in real life played in the movie but in different:. He - in the Hussars, and I dreamed of the passions, as in" Romance for Lovers ". What tone matched. But I think if we met a bit later, maybe things would have been different. Then, twenty years ago, of course, I could not imagine that, having parted with Andrew, a few years back get married, I will have two sons have played sixty roles in the movie. What is more love in my life, but none can compare with Rostotsky. And that we will live in the neighboring houses, but in different families. but now ... "

Movie. 80 years

After graduating in 1980, the State Institute of Theatrical Arts. Lunacharsky, Marina began to actively act in films. 80s became her most fruitful period in the cinema. The young actress was offered many roles, and she had plenty to choose from. While still married to Andrew Rostotsky, she starred in such films as "The body of General Shubnikov," "Sasha", "People in the swamp," "Gypsy fortune" In these films, it points in the credits as the Marina Yakovleva-Rostockiy.

In 1982 (after the divorce with Rostotsky) Marina became an actress film studio. Gorky. Directors are increasingly began to invite her for the leading roles. In this tale of Alexander Mindadze "Limit desires", she played a kindergarten teacher Faith in the musical comedy of Vladimir Gorikkera "Silver revue" - Ballet soloist on the ice, dreamer and dreamer Lena, social melodrama Andrew Benkendorf "Good intentions" - Hope governess younger group boarding school in a provincial town. As a rule, the heroine Yakovleva - cheerful, purposeful and, of course, a beautiful girl, in love with his profession. His unbridled temperament and they reminded Frosya Bulgakov.

Interestingly, the Marina itself and in life was the same - cheerful, a little wild and unapproachable. If someone put a hand on her shoulder, she could and ran. She remembers the case: "When I was shot in the" Scenes of family life ", next to the pavilion, Mark Zakharov shot pattern" That Munchhausen ", and to me in the dressing room is often dropped in one very well-known actor, he`s starred in the title role - for me he was the star I was in love with him, but only in the artist he once met me in the evening at the elevator, lashed out with a kiss I was terribly indignant:!.! he did not gave me a bouquet of roses, stood up in front of me on my knees and promised to love till death! I slapped him such a clout that he flew three meters, fell backwards. unwitting witness to this scene was Alexander Abdulov. absolutely stunned by what he saw, he was saying, "Do not bother the girl. Come on, let`s go, "I picked up the fallen" star "iuvel away from sin. Now, perhaps, it`s funny and crazy. But then I was like, and most importantly, it seemed to me that in another way it is impossible."

90 years

In 1989, Marina Yakovleva settled in the theater "School of Modern Play" under the direction of Raihelgauz, but worked there for a short time. Already in 1991, she became an actress of the New Drama Theatre (Moscow), where he still works.

In the movie, 90 years for Marina Alexandrovna, as well as for the majority of domestic actors - not the best time. For some time she has starred in the films, but they were mostly mediocre paintings, such as the thriller "The vultures on the road" or comedy "Nipple system" - films typical for the time. Since the mid `90s actress and disappeared completely from the screen.

The new period of Russian cinema

Marina Yakovleva was again in demand With the revival of the national cinema. It is still in great shape - charming and beautiful as it was twenty years ago. The truth now she plays a young girl, and a role of age. Very often it has recently`ve played all mothers, such as in the TV series "Afromoskvich". But in the "Moscow Saga" her character - Agasha housekeeper, who lives in a family of professors from youth to old age.

One of the most notable works of the actress was the main role in the drama "To fall upwards". Marina A. confessed: "I have long refused the role because I did not seem to be able to play such a vile creature - a woman who fought back her husband from a friend in my life because to me there were I - never, I can not be vile, but I was persuaded... and apparently on the role of the resistance has gone. " The role is really successful, the heroine Yakovleva was at the same time seductive, attractive and at the same time insidious and bitchy.

In addition to working in the theater and cinema Marina Yakovleva he conducted in 2000-2001 on television Popular Searches "Tips and Tricks" in one of the most popular programs of TNT "From a woman`s life."


After her divorce from Andrew Rostotsky Marina Yakovleva she remarried. It was the actor chosen Valery Storozhik. In this marriage, the actress had two sons - Fyodor and Ivan. About his current family life Marina Alexandrovna did not like to talk. "I used to tell everything, and nothing," - she said.

As for her beautiful looks, she said: "You must try not to envy, not to wish each other the evil - it will come back And then, even if you have wrinkles, nobody will not even notice if you are kind and affectionate to people.".

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