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Date of Birth: 10/16/1985

Age: 31

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

An actress with fiery hair

The main hobby school years for Marina were dance classes. It was a major impetus to the fact that the future actress after graduation was admitted to study at the faculty of choreography at the Moscow Institute of Contemporary Art. Then she was sure that the choreography will be the main activity in her life, but was mistaken. The University she graduated in 2008 and really involved in dance for a while. For example, in the same 2008, Marina has performed the title role in the ballet `igry` Palace.

But in 2009, the image of red-haired girl appeared in front of viewers. His acting the way she began to participate in the filming of the music video of the song `` Prosti` popular group Velvet`. A year passed, and Marina Vaynbrand became a TV presenter on the channel TNT, working in a live program `uspeha` line. It`s TV quiz broadcast in the daytime hours. The essence of the program is that any viewer can get through to the studio and, in response to the proposed questions live, to go a few rounds and become the winner of the game. Without practical experience, she coped with the work entrusted to her master.

2010 for Marina Vaynbrand was marked not only work as a TV presenter. At this time, she could take part in the musical play `Francois Vignon. Three days in Parizhe`, performing the role of the courtesan. Directed staging made I. Kornienko.Pervaya Marina role in the movie was a cameo. Aspiring actress played a student in a sufficiently serious and deep in meaning and documentary feature films `Afghanistan. nevozvrata` point. The film is told about how decisions of politicians are able to destroy the fate of individuals and nations. Filming took place in Crimea and Moscow. This film is based on the generation of people, the flourishing life that occurred during the war in Afghanistan.

His first starring Marina Vaynbrand performed in 2011, and the popularity of the actress began to gain momentum during this period. For serial `filmstrip Petrovich` Vaynbrand played the role of Marina Tsarevo. However, the famous actress brought work of serial movie `Amazonki`, where she got the starring role.

Eugene Belozerova, a police captain, an investigator, a young beautiful woman - a role she performed in Marina Vaynbrand `Amzonkah`. According to the scenario, Eugene 28 years old, she chose her profession, decided to follow in the footsteps of his father - a policeman killed in a shootout. Bold, purposeful, confident, intelligent and courageous careerist Jack puts on the first place his career, and the second - privacy. But the heroine Marina still falls and shows weak female side of his personality. Plot 24-part series is built on the fact that in the management of the Ministry of Interior created an experimental group on solving crimes, dubbed `Amazonki`. Arkady Krestovskiy - scientist and psychologist, took to create such a unit of four women of different psychological types. Krestovsky Doctrine is based on the fact that it is women who are successfully using the intuitive method of crime detection. During the filming of `Amazonkah` Marina Vaynbrand mastered the correct use of weapons. A self-defense lessons actress gave a friend who works in the police, before the start of filming of the series. Marina itself Vaynbrand believes that in common with the heroine of the film she is small. In contrast to the strong and strict Eugenia Marina softer and emotional life.

Acting career girls do not stand still. In addition to the roles played in the films `Amazonki`,` `Petrovich` and Afghanistan. nevozvrata` point filmography actress is regularly updated films, among them:

`Svetofor` (Veronica);

`Molodozheny` (Tanya);

`2` Lavrova Method (mistress Rogov - Karina);

`Shahmatista` syndrome (student, main role);

`17` Studio (Alina - the seller in the jewelry store);

`Until death krasiva` (fashion model Alina);


`Veronica. Beglyanka` (Milena);

`Capital sumerki`.

Today in the production are two of the film, which starred Vaynbrand. This painting `` and Umeltsy` Deliverans`, pictures output to large screens is expected in the near future. Marina periodically removed and in advertising. Marina has little experience as model - not so long ago, the actress starred in frank photo shoot for the popular men`s magazine `MAXIM`.

The beauty of the green-eyed actress distinct addition to her personal skills and abilities. Marina - a very talented man. She not only knows the art of dance at a professional level, but also sings beautifully, being the owner of a soprano, is fluent in the English language, plays the guitar and piano.

Marina Vaynbrand - no supporter of passive recreation. His spare time she likes to fill in some occupation, for example, sports, walks, incursions on the nature or cottage with friends and family. He likes a girl and leisure club, at which you can have fun dancing to communicate with old friends and from the heart. The heart of a charming red-haired actress busy - she has a favorite person.

Activities in Marina Vaynbrand life is always present. The actress says that simply can not live without the constant physical activity. Sports girls include athletics, volleyball, tennis, handball and even rock climbing. The actress claims that the exercise it needs like air, without experiencing decline Marina vitality and loses the harmonious state of mind. The professional choreography training and regular exercise allows Marina always be in great shape. Judge for yourself - the weight of 54 kg with height 170 cm - an excellent result, and the appearance of the fiery redhead beauty can only envy.

Author: Andrew Puminov

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