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Date of Birth: 08/01/1947

Age: 68

Place of birth: Leningrad

Citizenship: Russia


Winner of the Audience Award at the Belgrade Film Festival (1975, for her role in "Me Without You")

Winner of the prize "Golden Femina" at the International Festival in Brussels (for her role in "Me Without You")

Winner of the All-Union Film Festival in the category `Awards for acting work "in 1977

The winner of the RSFSR State Prize. Vasilyev brothers (1981, for participation in the film "Autumn Marathon")

Winner of USSR State Prize (1990)

"Nika" Award in the category "Actress" (1993, for his role in the movie "You have only one")

Award "Triumph" in 2000

Laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation (2001, for the role of Elizabeth in the play "Play ... Schiller!)


Marina Neelova was born in Leningrad in the family, unrelated to the theater and cinema. Her mother, Valentina, from college went to the front as a volunteer and the whole Great Patriotic War served as a radio operator in Murmansk. She took part in fierce battles. The war prevented her from getting a higher education. Then Marina was born, and my mother entirely devoted herself to raising her daughter.

Love for art parents instilled Marina from childhood. They often went with her daughter to the concerts and performances. The father, trying to attach it to a painting hung on the walls of their own watercolors. Mom regularly drove his slender, elegant girl at ballet lessons. Love the ballet remained Marina for life. The main for it was always the theater. She said she never imagined herself by none other than actress.

Admission to LGITMiK

After school, in 1964, Marina filed documents at the Leningrad Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinematography (LGITMiK). The competition was as always very high - one hundred people in the place. In the crowd of tall beauties miniature shy Marina felt a sort of mouse: skinny, legs "ropes", glazishchi frightened voice breaks with emotion ... "But what is it? So I would not take! - Thought Marina, looking around his handsome rivals . - If only a chair on the stage set, behind which you can hide out and read a passage. "

Chair was not any, and Marina, collecting all the will in a fist, began: "An excerpt from the novel" War and Peace. "Mary L. Kurakin with her daughter!" Selecting text was not the best - certainly "first ball of Natasha" is already stuffed nauseam examiners. But Marina was able to make an impression. Worst lgitmikovskie professor practiced eye immediately spotted a girl in a great dramatic talent. It was adopted on the course very well known teachers from St. Petersburg - Irina Meyerhold, the daughter of the famous director and theatrical reformer Vsevolod Meyerhold, and her husband, the famous actor Vasily Merkuryeva.

While studying at the institute, Marina Neelova declared itself as a very extraordinary actress. Sam said it Merkur`ev sketch in his diary spectacular phrase: "It is just like a crow biomechanical live."


In 1969 she graduated from the Institute Neelova Marina. She had all the chances to get into the company of the famous theater kakogo-nibud. As recognized herself an actress, she literally dreamed BDT and its legendary director George Tovstonogov. But ... even appear in the BDT Neelova not. Afraid not like it, do not do - and not to deal with a terrible injury at the beginning of the path. Joined the staff of "Lenfilm", she cradled utterly childhood dream: that`s to star in kakom-nibud successful movie, and he Tovstonogov it was noticed and invited to the theater. "Complete nonsense, of course." It was, and is said to still remain a terrible coward ...

Tovstonogov, by the way, after the "old, old tale," remarked the young actress said her that it would be necessary to meet the actress that, well, it will ruin the filmmakers. But while going Tovstonogov, Neelova to quit the studio and went to Moscow - in the dark. "And it`s very vain, - commented then this act Georgy - She will lose everything." However Tovstonogov and sometimes wrong.

In 1971, Marina Neelova settled in the theater Mossovet Yuri Zavadsky to. There she worked for long. She played in the play of Ivan Bukovchana "Luigi heart or execution of a blunt sword" which nobody remembers. Rehearsed Anatoly Efros, who remembers everything and still idolize. He then put the "camp site" by Edward Radzinsky, but the play was banned.

At this point, Neelova and drew the attention of the young talented director of "Contemporary" Valery Fokin. Together with Konstantin Raikin in 1974, they invited her to enter their play "Valentin and Valentina". What is the case in the actor`s biography! Prior to this role played Neelova Akulova Irina, but she went out of the theater. Prior to this role Neelova named Irina Muravyov, but leave in the "Contemporary" of Children`s Theatre refused. For Marina Neelova play Mikhail Roshchin has become not just a successful debut on the stage, but all seen the beginning of a great and happy theatrical biography. Since then she is in the "Contemporary" almost thirty years.

During this time she played in such performances as: "Twelfth Night" (Viola), "The Cherry Orchard" (Anna), "Three Sisters" (Masha), "Inspector General" (Maria Antonovna), and others.

Elegant actress

"On stage, she moves like a restless cat ... she has the voice of a spoiled girl and erotic appearance that electrifies the audience" - so spoke of her criticism. Her fragility, grace, waist volume of 54 centimeters immensely appreciate fashion. Vyacheslav Zaitsev, clothing Neelova for the play "The Cherry Orchard", a special trip to Paris for the lace, silk and ostrich feathers, because he thought that a woman dressing differently would be a crime!

Weight Marina Mstislavovna was always "ballet". 45 kilograms, or grams, and more! Going into any elevator, Neelova certainly jumps: Lift only agrees to carry his load ... One day, standing on the scales on kakom-to southern resort Neelova delighted: "48! Was able to get better!" A passing woman instantly dispelled its illusions: "Lady, what are you-with watermelon weighed something!" ...

Shy Marina forever complexed iz-za its thinness. Fuel to the fire poured spiteful colleagues. For example, Konstantin Raikin so thoughtfully thoughtfully-told her: "What I like your legs! They wiggle, squirm ..."


In the film debuted Neelova, while still in the third year - she starred in the movie Hope Kosheverova "old, old story." There she played two roles - capricious and dreamy princess daughter of an innkeeper.

First as an actress in the movie was fabulously romantic ( "The Shadow," "The Prince and the Pauper," "Broken Horseshoe") and lyrical ( "The color white snow"; "We are waiting for you, boy!"). Bright dramatic talent of the actress, her ability to show sincere feelings to the limit of human emotions revealed in the role of Nina in the movie "Monologue".

In the movie Neelova brilliantly manages to embody the images of vulnerable, fragile, vulnerable characters who nevertheless stubbornly defending personal independence - Stepanida Bazyrina ( "With you and without you," prize "Golden Femina" at the International Festival in Brussels), Sasha Nerodova ( " Just Sasha "), Valentina Kostina (" Word to protect "), Nina G. (" Pictures on the wall "), Alla (" Autumn marathon ", the RSFSR State Prize for 1981).

After shooting his film "Night of error" (1975) Mikhail Kazakov, director admitted that he admired operability Neelova: she is serious about the matter, that star fever does not threaten her.

Establish itself in a dramatic role, the actress once again experienced a penchant for lyrical comedy or light farce ( "handsome man"; "Ladies Invite Gentlemen", "Carousel", "Another Man`s Wife and husband under the bed"; "We are cheerful, happy, talented" ).

Following the well-known phrase that art requires sacrifice, Marina Neelova and sacrificed his own comfort, and health. Where do you find a star in the west, which makes shooting bed scene in the winter in a dilapidated house? This is how to shoot the scene in "Autumn Marathon". Actors were under the blankets, and between them, contrary to the rules of fire safety, was the heater.

On the film "With You and Without You", directed by Rodion Nakhapetov forced Marina Ugra farmhand, within a few weeks to carry a bag full of stones, to get up at dawn to milk the cows and goats to mow the grass, chopping wood, weeding flax ...

In the same film, it was supposed to hit Juozas Budraitis. In the first take he beat her gently, but still strong enough - the actress fell hitting the cart. But everything seemed unconvincing director, so he asked to beat "ponaturalnee". As a result, at the end of the shooting day on his face adorned with natural Neelova bruises and abrasions.

Since the mid-80s Neelova removed less often. However, she alternates between modern drama ( "Dear Elena," 1988; "You have only one" award "Nick") and costume-historical tragicomic images ( "The Shadow, or may be all right," TV movie "Inspector" 1996, "The Barber of Siberia).

Great interest aroused audience picture Eugene Tatar "Prison Romance" (1993), set on the basis of real events. Marina Neelova sang the female lead in the film - investigator Elena Shemelovu, vlyubivshuyusyasya concluded.

In the movie, the soul Neelova lurch from one director to another, and was torn to pieces. But directors, screenwriters, composers, and even partners across very often it is only good or very good. She starred Ilya Averbuch and seeds Aranovich, Eldar Ryazanov and Mikhail Kazakov Vadim Abdrashitova and Margarita Mikaelyan, Rodion Nahapetova and Ivan Kiasashvili, Nikita Mikhalkov and Roman Balayan ... She spoke in the frame texts Alexander Ostrovsky and Eugene Schwartz, Dunskiy and Valeriy Frid, Eugene Gabrilovich and Alexander Volodin Alexander Mindadze and Alexander Borodyansky ... humming tunes Victor Dashkevich and Oleg Karavaichuk, Andrey Petrov and Alfred Schnittke, and even Sergei Kuryokhin ... She loved to oblivion before fainting hero Andrei Mironov and Oleg Dal, Sergei Jurassic and Stanislav Lubshina, Konstantin Raikin and Oleg Tabakov, Oleg Basilashvili and Mikhail Ulyanov, Juozas Budraitis and Leonid Kuravleva, Zbrueva Alexander and Alexander Abdulov ... not destiny, and the big Soviet kinoslovar.

Roman with Garry Kasparov

"Neelova always want to protect, she seemed too fragile for this world" - so speak of her male colleagues. When the two-year tender love Marina to strong chess players ended in failure, in its defense stood almost the entire Moscow artistic audience. Valentin Gaft such as publicly stated that Kasparov is now will not take in any self-respecting house ...

Marina met Harry in 1984, visiting pianist Krainev. Kasparov was 21 years old. Neelova - 16 years more. What could combine these two seemingly so different people? Perhaps the fact that the Marina is always open someone acted talent. And Kasparov worked tantalizing charm Neelova. "Offstage said that she - the woman who hides deep inside his soul, like a rose -. Spines short, it was an extraordinary woman" - so a few years later he wrote in his book.

And the age difference ... So Neelova always was "not of this world", and the concept of the age of the earth for her ill applicable.

Kasparov liked older women, Godea to the role of "second mom", custodian forever and not too demanding. Yes, but that`s the role of custodial moms Neelova was not suitable. It was very necessary to protect and support

Harry lived in Baku, only short visits he was in Moscow. Marina never flew him herself. Near Harry was his mother - Clara Shagenovna - domineering woman recognized in life only one value - the career of his son. She put an end to this love Phantom of the marriage tie, which can interfere with the career son terribly frightened her. After listening to Harry`s mother stopped all relations with Neelova.

Family Life

Yet Marina found happiness. Once on vacation, she met with the diplomat Kirill Gevorkyan. Love was swift, the happy marriage. She was married, and self-sufficient in all respects a successful actress, Neelova soon stunned its audience. She madly value their main treasure - the theater, they sacrificed for the sake of the family. For five years she has lived with her husband and daughter Nika in Paris, where he was sent Kirill Gevorgian - Advisor to the Russian Embassy. Nick in Paris went to first grade.

But soon it became clear that without a scene Marina can not live. A few years Marina manage to live "in the two countries." During these years, the repertoire of "Contemporary" podverstyvalsya under the actress, who lives thousands of kilometers away from Chistye Prudy! After playing, Neelova go to an airport ...

Then Gevorgyan diplomatic mission in France ended, the family returned to Moscow. Life Neelova entered into "quiet coast": Theatre - home, home - theater. Motherhood for her was as "a matter of life" as well as art. Her daughter Nika - a lovely long-legged creature, something resembling neelovskih girls and princesses, played in the theater and in the cinema. Over the years, the daughter is becoming increasingly similar to his famous mother. A surrounding argue that nature and it neelovskogo rife. By Soviet standards, he had a daughter Marina Neelova quite late. But, apparently, because it was a conscious and longing birth of her daughter gave the actress a feeling of happiness and fullness of life.

Theatre and Cinema in recent years

In recent years, the film is removed Neelova Marina extremely rare. The detective series "Azazel" on the novel by Boris Akunin, she played Lady Esther, and in the film "Lady in the day" - Annie.

While the actress is not removed, it keeps afloat, she helps her live theater. In today`s repertory actress - Ranevskaya in "The Cherry Orchard" Anton Chekhov, Maria Antonovna in the "Inspector" NV Gogol, Anfisa in the eponymous play by Leonid Andreyev`s play, Evgenia Semenovna in "Whirlwind" Eugenia Ginzburg, in Elizabeth play "play ... Schiller!" (A stage version of the tragedy of Schiller "Mary Stuart"), Kosmonopolis Princess and Heavenly in the play "Sweet Bird of Youth."


Her talent was recognized very early. Most importantly - recognize "old". As if they knew and felt that the tradition of service, not the service in a theater of the mission, not the game will pick up this actress and not disgrace. A newspaper has blessed her famous actress DATS Love Dobrzhanskaya. After one of the first of her films ( "Monologue") partner Neelova Michael Gluzsky many years called her granddaughter and told about the wonders of the young actress. Her loved, and said a lot of flattering words in her address was not flattering Faina Ranevskaya. The playwright Mikhail Roshchin as if in some bewilderment and even cried with fright: "When I see Neelova on stage, it seems to me that she always plays like the last time." Four years after graduation, her picture was placed on the cover of the magazine "Soviet screen". At the time - this is called the national recognition and expression of love spectator.

Leah Akhedzhakova about Marina Neelova: ".... She is admired and wonder And always his behavior in life, in the theater, the attitude to the profession Pasternak is a line" root beauty - courage "This is absolutely applicable to the marina it is characterized by courage in his actions. - both in life and on stage.

It is surprising about his profession. Actors, as well as other people perceive your biorhythms, poor condition and mood, it is sometimes so hard to play. But I never noticed this at the marina. Not because she did not feel it, but because it is overcome.

Her attitude to the profession as a mission. It is impossible to describe the excitement even before the premiere. It is not the fear of failure, like most actors, and the excitement before take your child. It is absolutely honest with the audience. Never moonlight. One of the few who truly is an art. It has never been satiety and prosperity, "packed", as they say now. God gave her a thin skin and nerves exposed. But I never saw it in the theater manifestations of hysteria, what some failures, "female nerves". Since it is not difficult, God protected her humble and cheerful character, which is a miracle for such a big actress. "

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