Marina Kazankova

Picture of Marina Kazankova

Date of birth: 04.08.1981

Age: 35

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia



Marina Kazankova was born August 4, 1981 in Moscow. Her mother - a doctor, and my father in the last fighter pilot. Childhood Marina went to Italy, where she studied in the Italian school.

Also in Italy, and Marina she started her acting career. She was 15 years old when she, taking documents his 18-year-old sister Greeks (which was very similar), went to the casting of the film. she really liked the director. Since the debut of the Marina in the film.

From Pope Marina inherited a character ekstremalki and adventuress (in the best sense of the word). In nine years, she first sat behind the wheel of the car. At the same time she was born the dream of a parachute jump, which took place in Marina 18 years. She says: "My mother did not agree. But Dad, knowing my stubborn nature, humbled himself, asked only to take it with you. Dad and I are similar in nature. He last fighter pilot, not afraid of anything. In general, the next day we had jumped together. Frankly, when it was necessary to leave the plane, I was somehow not on itself. I stepped off the plane with a wide-open mouth and eyes. I had the feeling that I`m in a parallel world that all is not with me. Then when the parachute has opened, there was silence, I quietly hovered in the air and suffered a state of euphoria. "

Today, on account of Marina for more than hundreds of jumps. In addition, it is engaged in professional auto racing and even knows how to drive a plane "Yak-52".

The extreme nature of the Marina and was manifested in the fact that in the 19 years she has one backpack and $ 600 in his pocket again went to Italy (by the time she and her family have lived in Russia). Within two weeks, she went all over Rome and was looking for, where to find a job. When the money is already on the wane, she met a man who once starred in wedding dresses advertising. Since Marina has become the face of his company.

Theatre and Cinema

Later, Marina came to the theater "Festina" - an authoritative Roman theater, on the stage where all the best Italian musicals are put. This happened thanks to a friend who recommended her friend the director. He was looking for actresses for a new play. Marina came to the view, read a passage from the comic poem in the Italian language and Nastasia Filip monologue of "Idiot" in Russian. And it confirmed ...

Then, arrived in Moscow, Marina came to VGIK, in the acting department. For the second year, she played in the theater "School of Modern Play". And in 2001, she starred in the tragicomic phantasmagoria Karen Shakhnazarov`s "Poisons or the World History of Poisoning", where she played Lucrezia Borgia.

In 2002 she graduated from the VGIK Kazankova Marina, returned to Italy and was admitted to the Roman Theatre "Company Glauco Mauri." Here she entrusted Venetian role in the play "Big Fox", which, incidentally, claimed a lot of Italian actresses. And after a while she went to the theater in the months-long tour of Italy and Switzerland.

Problems with emphasis Marina does not arise, since it is fluent in Italian, but also English, French and a little German. This allowed her to star in several Italian films. In Italy, the audience knows Marina for her roles in the films: "The Republic of San Gennaro", "The Girl with the Plaza de Espana", "Kommese".

In 2003, Marina Kazankova was invited to the role of Olga Kalinouski series "Poor Nastya". As recognized by the actress, she liked the work, however, she had to fly from Italy to Moscow. And as recognized Marina: "I can not be in Moscow for over a month. The gray sky and cold - all this terrible crushes. In the summer - too hot and there is no sea. I can not live without the sea! I used to go every day to the beach. In Rome, from my house to the beach half an hour to go on a scooter and a car, and even less. "

As recognized by the Marina, in her plans to become a Hollywood star. And this is exactly the plans, not dreams. After all, according to Marina: "Dreaming is possible until the end of life and will not achieve anything. I always translate their dreams into plans. "