Marina Fedunkiv

Picture of Marina Fedunkiv

Date of birth: 27.08.1973

Age: 43

Birthplace: Perm

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Anton Lopushkov

Website: Celebrities

Childhood, adolescence

Marina Fedunkiv was born August 27, 1973 in the city of Perm. Childhood Marina in the Ukraine, at the grandparents, where her parents were taken, considering that there is a better climate. And indeed, she lived there very well. The aspiring actress went to the village school, worked in different circles. And even staged performances at the country club. And after a while he realized that the village has become too narrow for her work, she went to the collective farm chairman and knocked the bus. So they began to tour the neighboring villages and even earn some money.

After high school, Marina entered the "kultprosvetuchilische" on the director`s office, and finished it, she continued her education at the directing course of the Perm Institute of the Arts, from which was expelled from the second year of the obstinate character. Back to college it was only in 1993 (course Victor Ilieva), and in 1998 she successfully graduated from it.


Immediately after graduation Marina came to work in the Permian farmakademiyu director of the student club and director of the theater group. In Perm, just infancy kaveenovskoe movement and her students have expressed their wish to speak in the city championship. So the actress got the first experience of writing jokes. In general, he was not very successful but Stam written it the night before the game. It first appeared the image of vocational teacher Rufim Garifovna, which later will bring fame Marina Fedunkiv. In 2002 farmakademii team joined in the "Dobryanka" command. And they won the first league in Kazan after a while and went to the big.


Since 2009 Marina writes screenplays and is removed as an actress (in the form of nebezizvestny Rufim Garifovna) in a humorous show, "Everything in our language" on channel STS. Also, the actress starred in "Give young people" program episodes, and