Marin Drinov

Picture of Marin Drinov

Date of Birth: 02/11/1838

Age: 67

Place of birth: Panagyurishte

Citizenship: Russia


Drinov Marin Stepanovich - known Slavic. Born in 1838 in the town of Panagyurishe (in northern Thrace). He graduated from the course to the historical-philological faculty of Moscow University. In the late 60-ies Drinov began to publish articles in the Bulgarian edition of "nationality", "Macedonia" and "right". In 1869 Drinov published works: "History of the Bulgarian church" and "On the Origin of the Bulgarian people", Bulgarians met sympathetically, especially First, let`s support for the fight against the Greeks-Phanariotes. Russian translation of this work published in "Orthodox Review" in 1870 in the same year with Stoyanov Drinov, Zhinzifovym Bonchovym and established scientific and literary society "Bulgarian knizhevno fellowship." The publication of this society: "The periodic write-off" Drinov put a lot of articles. In 1871 Drinov published in Russian magazine "Interview" (Book IV) article "Bulgaria and the Patriarchate of Constantinople." In his master`s thesis "Moving Balkan Slavs" (Moscow, 1873) presented evidence that the population of Balkan Slavs gradually went from III to VII century. Since 1873 he held the chair of Slavic Drinov at Kharkov University. In his doctoral dissertation Drinov "South Slavs and Byzantium in the tenth century" (1876) developed the information part of the hitherto completely unknown, of the original Serbian and Croatian history. Drinov published also many articles and essays in "Casopis ces. Musea", "Archive" Yagitch, "Slavonic collection" (1877, II), "Journal of the Ministry of National Education", "Proceedings of the Slavic Benevolent Society", editions of the Academy of Sciences and others. in 1877 - 1878 years Drinov was a member of the temporary Russian Bulgarian principality control, as the Ministry of education and religious Affairs, and managed to establish several sredneuchebnyh institutions. Mainly thanks to his efforts, the capital of the principality was elected Sofia, instead of Trnovo, which Austrian diplomacy favored. In 1881, at the time the destruction of the Constitution, Drinov received an invitation to take the post of President of the Council of State, but has not taken over this title. He died February 28, 1906 His thirty-year anniversary in 1903 and death in 1906 caused a lot of articles published in the XV t. "Compendium of the Kharkiv Historical and Philological Society" 1908 .; immediately Drinov portraits and a bibliography of his scientific works. In 1909, "Bulgarian knizhevno fellowship" in Sofia started the publication of the complete collected works Drinov. In Volume I includes research on the history of Bulgaria. - Avg. an article in the Czech newspaper "Svetozor" (1887, number 21); Irechek, "Das Furstenthum Bulgarien" (1891); "Compendium of Kharkov Historical and Philological Society", 1908, t. XV (articles about Drinov Lyapunov professors Kulbachina, Khalansky, Sumtsov, Redin, Shepelevich and others).