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Date of Birth: 05/10/1939

Age: 77

Place of birth: Soulac sur Mer

Citizenship: Switzerland


Marie Laforet (Marie Lafor & # 234; t), real name - Maitena Marie Brigitte Dumenak (Ma & # 239; t & # 233; na Marie Brigitte Doumenach), was born in 1939 in Soulac-sur-Mer in the French department of Gironde (Soulac- sur-Mer, Gironde). There is information that Marie among the ancestors were Armenians, and even her real name is Basque and Catalan sound. It is known that a child girl grew up very religious and even considered becoming a nun, but later, during his studies at the Paris Lyceum Lycee La Fontaine, she is very interested in the theater.

Career singer Mayte began quite by accident - at the age of 19, she unexpectedly took part in the vocal radio contest `Naissance d`une & # 233; toile` (the letters` Birth zvezdy`.). It is known that the girl went back, replacing his ailing sister. When Maitena won the first prize, it became clear that all this is not accidental.

In 1960, the young singer has already appeared on the silver screen - she got the main role in the crime drama `On the bright solntse` (` Plein soleil`), and partner Marie on the set itself was Alain Delon (Alain Delon).

Thus began film career was Laforet for more than successful, and the following year she appeared in several French films, among them `Blues Saint Trope` (` Saint Tropez Blues`), `Famous love istorii` (` Amours c & # 233; l & # 232; bres`), television film `Red and chernoe` (` le rouge et le noir`) and a great drama `Girl with the golden glazami` (` La fille aux yeux d`or`). By the way, after the painting of Marie Laforet and came to be called - The girl with golden eyes.

Without stopping, and their vocal activities, Marie Laforet in 1963 recorded the song, which brought her a resounding fame - famous hit `Les Vendanges de l`Amour`. So, Marie, who was not then and 25 years old, became the star of the high-flying - it was shot in a movie, her records were sold in huge quantities, and, in addition, a beauty with huge eyes and brown hair was a real idol of millions.

By the way, Marie sang in a slightly different style of dance style of those years - her songs sounded surprisingly sincere and simple.

Generally, the most brilliant of his career Marie Laforet steel is 1960, in the decade she has played in many films and has created some real hits on the stage. So, among the films with her participation 1960 - Leviafan` drama `(` Leviathan`); comedy `Because, due zhenschiny` ( `& # 192; cause, & # 224; cause d`une femme`),` Hunting muzhchinu` ( `La chasse & # 224; l`homme`), `A hundred pieces and tryapki` (` Cent briques et des tuiles`); war drama `They went for soldatami` (` Le soldatesse`); drama `Thirteenth kapriz` (` Le 13 & # 232; me caprice`); crime drama `Diamond Dzhek` (` Jack of Diamonds`) and other paintings.

In the same 1960 she sang her famous song `La Tendresse` (` Nezhnost`), and the song-prayer `Viens, Viens` (` Come, vernis`) appeared in the early 1970s and literally shocked the French public. By the way, this song was not original and translation into French of the German hit `Rain Rain Rain`, but Marie Laforet sang it as` chestno` that caused listeners unbidden tears. By the way, on the records of those years we can see that there were tears in my eyes the most beautiful Marie, when she pleaded with breaking voice on stage: Viens Viens ..!!

In our country about Marie Laforet it was almost unknown, and few people know that music has long accompanied the weather forecast in the program `Vremya` - a famous song Laforet` Manchester et Liverpool`.

In 1980 Laforet focused on film career, in those years, the actress has appeared in the films `Golden dno` (` Le Pactole`); `Tango Gardel in izgnanii` (` El exilio de Gardel: Tangos`); `Disgusting sudba` (` Sale destin`); `It`s brilliant, grandfather` ( `Il est g & # 233; nial papy`!)! And many others. In 1987, Laforet could be seen in the much-loved Soviet audience Octopus series `3` (` La piovra 3`).

In general, Marie Laforet has played in more than fifty films, and her on-screen career is not finished today. The most recent work in film Marie began in 2008, a dramatic comedy `Boga` Office (` Les bureaux de Dieu`).

It is known that in 1960 Marie married director Jean-Gabriel Albikokko (Jean-Gabriel Albicocco), which is a lot of shooting her in his films. After her divorce from him Marie was married four times and survived four divorce. She had three children. Her last husband was the Swiss Eric de Lavandeira (Eric de Lavandeyra), and in connection with the Marie changed her French citizenship and settled on the Swiss in Geneva (Geneva, Switzerland).

Author: Pauline Chelpanova

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