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Date of birth: 18.06.1975

Age: 41

Place of birth: a. Rokuro

Citizenship: Belgium


Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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Marie was born in the village of Rokuro, near Liege, in the French-speaking part of Belgium. From an early age she showed an outstanding acting talent and is actively interested in the world of plays and shooting. Together with his younger sister Selina and her children from the village of Gilly suit costume performances and staged performances in the attic of his house. As a teenager, she worked in a number of theater workshops for young people; while she did not see themselves outside the actor`s craft.

At fourteen she had seen in the Belgian weekly newspaper advertising film Lyubovnik` `(` L`Amant`) directed by Jean-Jacques Annauda. She decided to send him the audio tape recording by reading aloud passages from the novel Marguerite Duras; Marie came as a result of the audition. Unfortunately, the role she never had - the best of the candidates has been recognized by the British actress Jane March. However, experience posheldevushke benefit both in terms of professional growth, both in terms of acquiring new links - one year after it was contacted by the same director of personnel selection that worked for Annauda; Marie got a role in the film `My father - my geroy` (` Mon P & # 232; re, Ce H & # 233; ros`) - through the story of the character she was the daughter of Gerard Depardieu. The film has passed through the screens around the world, and a few years later was remade in Hollywood under the name `My Father The Hero`; Marie herself from participating in the new film has refused, although the same Depardieu reprized his role from the original version.

In parallel with the shooting Gilles studied at the College of Saint-Louis in Liege. The second picture with her participation was called `Mari` (` Marie`) and was filmed in Belgium; It was followed by a role in the French telefilm `Man in morya` (` Un Homme & # 224; la Mer`) directed by Jacques Doylona. After shooting the actress four months studied at the circus school in Brussels; she taught singing, dancing, drama and acrobatics. During this time she managed to play in his third feature film `Primanka` (` L`App & # 226; t`), filmed under the direction of one of the most famous kinodela France, Bertrand Tavernier. The film enjoyed a resounding success and considerable contribution to this is made Marie. Even the Tavernier noted finest game of his ward. Again they had a chance to work only in the 2002`s, in the film `Propusk` (` Laissez-Passer`); Bertrand was planning to withdraw Marie in another of his film, `Holy Lola` (` Holy Lola`) of 2004, but at that time the actress was pregnant with her first child and refused.

Having earned a good reputation in the film, Marie decided to try her on stage. She made her debut in the theater it is in 1995, in the play `The Diary of Anne Frank` ( `Le Journal d`Anne Frank`). Production stood fifty representations in Lyon, and then went to Paris, where he also was a great success; Next was a tour of Belgium. Later Gillet tried - unsuccessfully - to act as a part of the French symphony orchestras, and then went back to the cinema.

Since 1998, Marie was actively engaged in the modeling business; so it was one of the key persons of the advertising company line of cosmetics company `Lanc & # 244; me`. The contract with this firm has provided its financial and allowed more meticulously pick up his role in the film and on the stage. Sometimes Gilles have worked with these masters of French cinema; the actress, however, preferred the young and inexperienced kinodela.

The 2004th Marie for a while left the shooting and presentation; April 24, 2004, came to light her first child, a daughter Dune. Since then, the actress has already returned to active labor activity that has not stopped to this day.

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