Marie Dubas

Picture of Marie Dubas

Date of Birth: 09/03/1894

Age: 77

Place of Birth: Paris

Citizenship: France


Marie was born in Paris and began his career as a theater actress (she was admitted to the Higher Theatre School), but became known as a singer. Yvette Marie inspired Guilbaud. Marie began singing in small pubs in Montmartre, speaking with arbitrary numbers. Quick success has allowed her to play in operettas and musical comedies, so she became the head of the posters in the 1920s and 1930s, Marie began performing in places such as the "Paris Casino" and "Bobino." She inaugurated in 1932 the evening (two hours on stage without a microphone).

The most famous song - "My Legionnaire", the music of Marguerite Monnot, which she performed in 1936. She also created "Kind of Kabul" (based on the poem by Francis Carco), "Amazing Tango", and interpreted in 1933 "requests" Charlotte de Zhehan RIKTA .

By 1939, the popularity of Marie became so great that she went to the US tour. To marry a pilot aircraft, she had to go to Lausanne, where she remained until the end of the war. When he returned, she learned that her sister and nephew were sent to a concentration camp.

A major role of Marie Dyuba played in the formation of the personality of Edith Piaf. It rose again on the stage in 1954, during the opening of "Olympia".

In 1958, Marie went out of the theater, and in 1972 died after a long illness. She was buried in Paris, at the Pere Lachaise cemetery.