Marie Dressler

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Date of Birth: 09/11/1868

Age: 65

Place of birth: Coburg

Citizenship: Canada


Author: Olga Dunchik

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Marie Dressler was born on November 9th, 1868 in the city of Coburg, Ontario, Canada. Father of actress was born from the same place. His ancestry was Australian roots.

From an early age, Mary is interested in theater, cinema and television. She wanted to see herself an actress of theater - a real star - wanted to become famous all over the world and become recognized.

Soon, thanks to the diligence and hard work, Mary reached the task.

Already at the age of fourteen young aspiring aktrisanachala own career. Theatre critics immediately noted the extraordinary talent of the actress. Its obvious originality and talent to conquer the hearts of the public.

In 1982, the year of the actress made her debut on the big theater stage. She began performing on stage amazing Broadway.

In a very short time Dressler became famous not only at home but also in the United States. By the way, the entire follow-up, Mary was associated with the United States, although the actress never forgot about his homeland and regularly visited Canada.

At the beginning of the 20th century came the peak of the actress`s career. She received a huge number of invitations and offers. However, after some time began to decline in the activities of Canadians.

Over time, Mary has practically ceased to appear, and about her almost forgotten. After the actress continued to work in the theater, though not at such a high level. crisis period was over, and Mary slowly began to return to the previous level. Unfortunately, her more still failed to achieve the success of the former.

And yet, the actress has repeatedly been awarded all sorts of awards of the highest standard, among whom was even the "Oscar" - a prestigious award, the dream of all artists. The actress has made of what the dream - in spite of everything, she was able to conquer the hearts of a lot of these fans her undoubted talent.

July 28th 1934 at the age of 65 years, Mary has died. Her legacy - this role, most of which are successful.

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