Marie Besnard

Picture of Marie Besnard

Date of Birth: 08/15/1896

Age: 83

Place of birth: luhden

Citizenship: France

Black Widow

Public interest in Marie Besnard and her case that had lasted more than a decade, was so great that it wrote to journalists from all over the world.

The drama came to an end only 12 December 1961, when the court for. lack of evidence acquitted Marie Besnard on charges of poisoning twelve people. The final answer was never received - whether Marie Besnard really is the greatest poisoner of the 20th century, or the whole thing in the unsolved mysteries of nature yet?

Of course, even a small part of the strange occurrences around Marie Besnard was enough to suspect murder by poisoning.

Throughout its appearance, this woman was a typical similarity of most women of French Vienne province, consisting of villages and towns scattered estates, populated by small farmers, tenants, artisans: below average height, with early grown old face covered several provincial cosmetics, with shifty eyes, hidden behind round glasses, with thin lips.

Marie Besnard was fifty-three years old when she zemlevladelitsa, a major investor in the town luhden, was behind bars. Push the case Marie Besnard, the protracted for many years, has given ordinary gossip. It has gone from his wife Madame Chief mail Pinto.

When 25 October 1947 Leon passed away after a short illness; Besnard, Marie`s husband, Madame Pinto said one of his "friends" like Leon Besnard told her shortly before his death that his wife poisoned. This suspicion, according to Madame Pinto, he expressed at a time when Marie Besnard escorted to the exit of both doctors and the wife of the chief of mail remained one near dying.

It is very clearly described the last hours of the life of Leon Besnard, his stomach pain, vomiting, as well as a conversation between the dying and her.

The dying man allegedly confessed to her: "Oh, what she gave me we were going to eat soup I saw in my plate something Marie liquid poured to the same soup I ate, and I immediately began to vomit?...."

Soon the words of the wife`s address became known in the criminal police of the city of Poitiers. There is a message into the hands of the investigating judge Pierre Roger. He and inspectors Surete Knock, Shome and Norman gave such a move Besnard case, then it would not stop for fourteen years.

Motive poisoning poison Leon Besnard was found quickly. The fact that the economy Besnard to May 1947 he worked for twenty years of German POW Dietz surname, who was believed lover Marie Besnard, in spite of the fact that he was thirty years younger mistress. First there were rumors, but later there was a similar version of the police, according to which the obsessive lust woman removed her old husband to be able to freely live with the young German.

Rumors were supported by deeds of Marie Besnard, who shortly after the death of her husband made several long trips with his servant. Dietz in May 1948 he returned to Germany, but a woman in love could achieve what he soon reappeared in luhden. Incidentally, when the investigation began, Dietz was also subjected to biased questioning. The German held firmly and denied any affair with Marie Besnard. He was released. All Diez did afterwards, although it was understandable, but has done little to ensure that the clouds dissipate suspicions of murder, gathered over Marie Besnard. He did not wait as long to arrive luhden his papers, which were to mark his return to France in Paris, and crossed the French-German border, never to return.

The investigation is just getting the facts to confirm his version regarding the death of Leon Besnard, when January 16, 1949 died Mother Marie Besnard, the eighty-year Marie-Louise devaya, since 1940 lives in the house Besnard.

The death of an old woman has become the spark that turned smoldering until the latent heat of suspicion in a real fire. Many confirmed that the deceased daughter showered reproaches because of its connection with the upcoming German and his return. Inspector Knock therefore suspected that Marie Besnard after a slew of her husband and mother to wait for the young German and freely indulge in their passion.

It was decided to remove from the grave at the cemetery corpse Ludenskom Leon Besnard and make him study to detect poison, and that was done. Shortly afterwards, the corpse was exhumed and his mother Marie Besnard. In the body of Leon Besnard it was found 39 milligrams of arsenic per kilogram of body weight, ie, that amount which must be regarded as evidence of arsenic poisoning, which led to death. The research has also led to the discovery and in the body of the deceased mother of arsenic in an amount not less than 58 milligrams per kilogram of body weight, that as a clear indication of the poisoning.

The longer the investigation lasted, the more opened downright some mystical facts: was established a series of highly suspicious deaths in the family Besnard, as well as among their neighbors and friends.

First of all, it concerned the first husband of Marie Besnard Auguste Antin, who died in 1927, considered as the time of tuberculosis. But after the exhumation of his remains in Antin it was found, although at the time of burial has been more than 20 years, as much as 60 milligrams of arsenic per kilogram of body weight.

Two years after the death of the first husband of Marie remarried, this time for Leon Besnard. She was a great hostess, who fell in love in a new family, and it is not surprising that the great-aunt of her husband - a widow Louise Leconte - in his will named her his heir along with his sister Besnard then died soon after. True she was already in his eighties. The presence of her symptoms of arsenic poisoning did not say anything, but the toxicological examination of the remains of the deceased showed the presence of 35 milligrams of arsenic per kilogram of body weight. Marie Besnard was at the deathbed Louise Leconte, and had often sent her wine.

Two years later, after my grandmother died of Leon Besnard widow Gwen. He was her only heir. Marie Besnard and her husband also visited the very old woman shortly before her death. He was assigned to the exhumation of her remains. However, the examination showed traces of arsenic is so meager that the prosecution would be in no way justified the murder.

He was zksgumirovan and the corpse of his father Marie Besnard - Pierre devaya. At the time of his father`s death, Marie Besnard was not in the parental home. Nevertheless, the analysis showed the presence of poison in the 30 milligrams of arsenic per kilogram of the deceased. Marie Besnard had inherited his father`s estate. In the same year died another relative - father-Marie Besnard - Marcellin Besnard. Marie was not near the patient at the time of death, however, in its parts exhumed corpse was found 38 milligrams of arsenic per kilogram of body weight. As a result of this death Besnard inherited more than two hundred thousand francs. After just a few weeks after the death of her father-in-law was the turn. Which led to her death, the disease lasted nine days. Marie Besnard in-law took care of until the last minute. After the exhumation of the corpse was found in him 60 milligrams of arsenic per kilogram of body weight.

Until the next death in the family Besnard was only a few weeks. At this time, forty-five sister of Leon, Lucy Besnard found hanged in his parents` house. Her remains were found 30 milligrams of arsenic per kilogram of weight, which led to suspicions that the couple staged suicide Besnard relatives.

There was a version that Leon Besnard contributed to poison first her parents and then her sister, and later he fell victim to his obsessed wife-killer when murder motives, it changed, and it is from the killer for profit turned into a sexually motivated killer.

List of suspicious deaths, seemed to be the end: Besnard neighbor sixty-five pastry Toussaint Rive and a little later his wife; two older cousin Leon Besnard - Pauline and Virginie Lalleron who found shelter in the house Besnard. And in each case detected lethal dose of arsenic at the exhumation of corpses.

During lasted all means able to induce the recognition of Marie Besnard were tested about two years of investigation. The camera Marie Besnard tucked female spies, but vigilant distrust and obstinacy arrested (and perhaps her innocence) guarded it from reckless statements.

A significant part of the inherent powers of resistance Marie Besnard drew from the fact that it took over the protection of one of the most famous Parisian lawyers. Due to constantly growers of the country`s interest in this matter the attention of the leading lawyers in Paris, constantly seeking the sensational case, it was attracted to a woman from the province.

In Poitiers he came Albert gotra star of the Bar, then there shestidesyatichetyrehletny knight of the Legion of Honor.

The famous lawyer, who had the glory of the invincible defender, before his visit to the Marie Besnard decided that this unusual process it can not be overlooked. To win it, it was enough to spread with the help of many times they have tried ways of distrust to the data of toxicological examination.

And February 20, 1952 at the Palace of Justice in Poitiers began the first trial Besnard. As planned gotra, the court suggested that soon under pressure from any doubt appoint new experts and instruct them to carry out all the tests again to poison.

Hearings on the case Marie Besnard only resumed March 15, 1954 after further research the best Parisian toxicologists.

"The presence of poison in the dead, a lot of it or a little, or not - that everyone does that even mean - so began the lawyer gotra main stage of their attack -. After all, no one has ever seen in the hands of Marie Besnard was arsenic, nobody was never witnessed that she was giving poison to someone from the dead. charges Experts argue that the poison could enter the body of the victims only from the hands of others. But more than a hundred years toxicologists involved in the question whether in the water arsenic contained in any soil is dissolved, and if he could get into the bodies of the dead.

And more than a hundred years, they have denied that possibility. But they denied it just because all their previous studies, forget that the soil is a living element, which are played millions of processes about which nobody knows anything really. They denied this possibility, and in relation to the dead of Ludena. Within two years they gave rain water to seep through the soil and measured ludenskuyu in it arsenic. But they ignored the achievements of science, which is just now as .Many other sciences flourished, the same science, the development of which a few years ago was considered impossible, namely the science of physiological processes in the soil.

Perhaps I am the first detonation at this historic moment encourages representatives of this science in the courtroom as witnesses. But I am sure that in the future, none of this kind of process can not do without reference to their knowledge. I intercede for questioning in court masters Olivier Lepentra, Keylinga and Tryuffera ".

Indications toxicologists Olivier Lepentra Keylinga and about the importance of soil microbes to dissolve the arsenic contained in the ground caused a sensation. As with all new, some of them came the spell that yielded even those observers and journalists, who could hardly, if at all not able to follow the discussion of scientific experts.

The prosecution for the second time encountered a surprise, which struck him like a bolt from the blue, and as a result of the second process came to the same result, which ended the first - to doubt and uncertainty.

The third, and last, the battle turned around November 17, 1961, when the witness took Tryuffer expert. Marie Besnard itself completely receded into the background. While it was in this case about its fate, but even more so it came to the basic problems of toxicology, problems of research bodies for a long time lain in the ground.

His report concluded Tryuffer statement that the old misconceptions are rooted in an underestimation of the huge variety of natural processes. But now, he said, microbiology able to better understand this diversity, even if it still faces many of apparent deviation from the general rule. Explain them - the problem of the future.

"In this case, - Tryuffer said - we all have to admit that we are standing in front of is not yet acquainted with the world, when it comes to the action of arsenic underground and inside the bodies." He further said that, in his opinion, toxicology is not entitled to assume more of a hitherto existing principles in deciding whether arsenic can penetrate into the body from the ground, or could not. Toxicologists have to admit that they reached the border, which are not required to break up until better not find out what lies on the other side.

And because there is absolutely accurate explanation of origin of arsenic in a particular case, it is impossible to unequivocally deny the possibility, even the most minimal, the innocence of the defendant, regardless of what one may think of her as a person.

Gotra, fished every word with rapt attention, jumped up and exclaimed: "That`s the end of the Besnard case ..!"

The public prosecutor knew that provides only a rearguard action when bitterly cried gotra: "You have an amazing property all interpret in their own way According to experts, as I hear, there are various possibilities Do you want this to achieve the withdrawal in favor of the defendant,!. say only one possibility, namely the solubility of arsenic, is the rule. But exactly the same can be considered that the rule is the opposite, that is, the inability of arsenic penetration into the body after the death of the victim. "

Triumphant gotra threw him on it: "Yes, but which of the two possibilities is correct, that you do not know you and your experts are not able to make the necessary clarity in the explanation of the phenomenon you should at this point recognize that you can not be to continue to support your accusation.. ".

Thus ended this sensational case "black widow of Ludena", so nicknamed by journalists for such heinous, but has not proved a crime.

Source: The most dangerous maniacs