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Date of Birth: 04/26/1967

Age: 49

Place of birth: London

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Alexei Bulatov

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Jean-Baptiste was the first black British actress, nominated for `Oscar` in 1997. Her performance in dramedii `Secrets and lozh` brought Marianne to the nomination` Best Supporting Actress plana`. And let it not brought the statue home, but a famous film director Mike Leigh actress just showered praise and prophesied her series of future success. However, Jean-Baptiste is not limited to just the status of one of the English actress and develop as a singer and composer.

In principle, the Marian in his native England, was a little-known, when it announced a contender for `Oscar`, and all because of the fact that the role in the film `Secrets and lozh` was almost the first in her acting portfolio. Prior to that tipping point, Jean-Baptiste most of the time she worked in the theater.

Marianne Jean-Baptiste was born on April 26, 1967 th in London, England. She was the youngest child of four children in the family. Her musical abilities opened in childhood, when eight years old Maryann began to play the guitar. But before you find your way, the young girl wanted to go through law school and become a lawyer.

Lawyers mentality overshadowed her love for the performing arts. In the end, Jean-Baptiste received a prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. She played on the stage of London`s Royal National Theatre, and in productions in cities such as Manchester and Yorkshire. During this time, the actress became a member of the theater company `Cheek by Jowl`, played in the play` Measure for meru` in `Running Dream` at the Theatre Royal Stratford and` Ave Africa`, the last of whom also wrote.

For the first time on screen, the actress appeared in the comedy of 1991 `London kills menya`, stories about homeless teenagers living in the London Underground. Going to work with director Mike Leigh, known for his ability to cleverly reveal the drama of the working class behind the facade of everyday life, Jean-Baptiste played a dark-skinned girl who went in search of his biological, light-skinned mother after the death of the adoptive mother, and turned the measured life of the new round of destiny.

The most interesting thing is that Jean-Baptiste worked only with sketches screenplay `Secrets and lozh`, and only during rehearsals formed the image of its heroine Hydrangeas. Even the rehearsal Marianne and Mike were originally exclusively tetra- format

to-wall (the actress was not even indicated in the list of actors), only later going to work with the ensemble cast. The unusual shooting pictures did not end there, and actress Marianne Jean-Baptiste and Brenda Blethyn, `a mother Gortenzii` only first met filming.

When Blethyn and Jean-Baptiste saw each other, the first generally felt that there was some mistake, because before it was a dark-skinned girl. As the scenario Hydrangeas mother did not know about this fact, and no one warned Blethyn, making her light-skinned heroine should be a shock at the time of reunification. Later Blethyn says in an interview that she did not actually played a surprise, and the surprise was for real.

The film `Secrets and lozh` collected sea approving reviews on both sides of the Atlantic, was` Palme vetv` Cannes Film Festival and was nominated for `Golden globus` and` Oscar `. Jean-Baptiste received the inexhaustible flow of proposals for the next part in other films, stating that `in the United States is much easier to get a job after you are nominated for` Oscar `. Although the success of the film `Secrets and lozh` it is not exceeded, even one of the most acclaimed works of her participation is considered to be a TV movie `The Murder of Stephen Lawrence`.

Jean-Baptiste - the wife of Evan Williams, is paramount to pay attention to his family.

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