Marianne Birthler

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Citizenship: Germany


So-called "Gauck office" - the German Federal Office involved analysis of documents from the archives of the GDR secret service, including the Stasi, will be led by Marianne Birthler. In this position, the former dissident in East Germany Joachim Gauck will succeed. Following the Protestant pastor, also from the former GDR, he was the first chief of the department, created in 1991. Birthler candidacy, proposed by the federal government, must be approved by the German Bundestag.

In the "Gauck office" kept dossiers on almost 6 million people. The total length of the shelves with the documents - 120 kilometers. There is also more than one million 200 thousand video cassettes and films with tape recordings. Since January 1992 access to documents allowed individuals and organizations concerned. To date, it received about 4.5 million applications for permission to visit the archive.

Marianne Birthler 52 years. Since 1988 was an active human rights organization, which in the conditions of the GDR acted semi-underground. After the reunification of Germany joined the party "green". He was the Minister of Education in Brandenburg Land government. He left the post as soon as she learned about the connections premiere state government Manfred Stolpe with the Stasi.