Maria Sternikova

Picture of Maria Sternikova

Citizenship: Russia


But then in the personal life of Mary there was a change ...


In the mid 60`s Maria Sternikova married. In this marriage she had a daughter, Kate (later it became a simultaneous interpreter). But the marriage was short-lived.

In the late `60s in the film "A Walk to build a house" Maria Sternikova met with popular actor Valery spout. Their romance ended marriage. SynAleksandr Says: "Once Dad rang the doorbell, my mother looked through the peephole, and it stands on one knee, with a bouquet and champagne with a glass in his hand. So Dad made her an offer. "

Spout Alexander was born in 1971. When he was nine, his parents separated. The reason was Valery Nosik abuse alcohol. Being a man of gentle, he could not refuse from the many invitations. All this is reflected on his health and, of course, on family relationships.

Maria Sternikova after the divorce she married actor Maly Theater Alexey Sergeyevich Kudinovich but Valery Nosik not stopped communicating.

Film and Theatre

After the birth of two children, Maria Sternikova fell out oboymykinoakterov. Periodically, she has starred (one of the highlights of her roles - nurse Shura of children`s fantasy film "The Guest from the Future"), but its main activity was the theater.

In the Maly Theatre she plays to this day. There is also protrude her son actor Alexander Spout, Alexander Kudinovich husband, brother Valeria Nozzle - Vladimir Spout.