Maria Semkina

Picture of Maria Semkina

Date of birth: 26.10.1976

Age: 40

Place of birth: Rostov-on-Don

Citizenship: Russia


The winner of the photo contest held by a modeling agency "Image-Elite" in conjunction with "KP-on-Don" (1998)

The winner of the title of "Lady Charm-98"

Best Model of the Year by the magazine Playboy (2000)

Miss Charm at the VII Contest centerfold "Don Model" (2001)

Childhood and adolescence

Semkina Maria was born in Rostov-on-Don. Her father a mathematician by training, and my mother - an engineer. Future fashion model in childhood did not enjoy special attention of boys. Maria recalls: "I had a home girl, with short hair, very thin. And the guys in my Rostov-on-Don liked the long-haired blonde in the body. With me boys did not dance. 16 years is a big problem. I focused on my studies ... "

After school, Mary Semkina enrolled in the Faculty of Economics of the Rostov Institute of Agriculture. With 18 years it began to live independently, and at age 20 married students. The marriage turned out to be unstable. Three years later, they separated, and Mary was left alone with his son ...

Cover Girl

In 1998, Maria Semkina sent, their photos for the competition, which conducted a modeling agency "Image-Elite" in cooperation with the newspaper "KP-on-Don". whether she thought he could be a winner ?! She recalls: "handed over a set of saucepans" Zepter "and was taken home in a limousine. For our yard, it was a sensation. I`m in an evening dress with a bouquet, ribbon over his shoulder and pans. The parents are mad with terror. They always tried to persuade me to take up "normal" profession. "

Soon followed by new success - the title of "Lady Charm-98", a victory in the qualifying round of the competition