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Date of birth: 01.11.1973

Age: 43

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia



Poroshina Mary was born into a musical family. Her mother Natalia Krasnoyarsk learned on the course Boris Pokrovsky - the director of the Bolshoi Theater. But then, after losing a voice in the operation, she became an opera director. Pope Michael Poroshin sang in the ensemble "Birch". Operetta singer was Maria and grandmother.

Soon, Mary`s parents separated. Natalya Krasnoyarsk came to marry a second time - for the actor Dmitry Nazarov. He was a good stepfather - excellent terms with the reception his daughter, checked lessons raised. Free time Masha was not enough. The girl was studying in the French special school and she danced at the "Birch" ensemble. Recalling that stage, she says: "More than happy time do not remember."

Since childhood, the family often gathered Masha guests - actors. Apparently even then she began to take shape the dream of becoming an actress. Cousin Maria Anna Sazonov said: "... she got up on a chair or climbing up on stage agitploschadki courtyard and announced:` `` `acts People`s Artist Maria Poroshina````, read poems, sang, danced, spoke French ..."

And yet, few thought that Mary would be an actress. Class 3-4 she was, in her own words, "a prickly character." And then she suddenly became very shy girl. She was afraid to go to the store for bread, because it was necessary to contact the seller. And when the lesson of literature raised her read a poem, then Mary was embarrassed, stammered and confused lines. Only in a circle of close friends and it continued to be a bold and uninhibited.

Study. First marriage

Preparing to enter the Theater Institute Maria started only by the end of 10th grade. "My mother and stepfather believed that if I will do it myself, it is my - says Maria - And if not - should do something else." The Moscow Art Theatre School Poroshina entered the first time.

At the entrance exams, she met with Gosha Kutsenko, who at that time studied in the third year, and Masha was older than six years. Soon they were married, and they rodilasdoch Pauline. True to this time Mary had left the Moscow Art Theater School. After studying there for a year, she moved to the Theatre School. Schukin, who successfully graduated.

Marriage with Gosha Kutsenko was short-lived. They broke up, but kept a good relationship. Poroshina Maria says: "We have lived with him for five years. He is a wonderful person and a talented actor. He gave me a wonderful daughter. Occasionally we starred, and our past relationships do not interfere with work. "

Film and Theatre

His way to the movies Masha started with small roles in popular serials. So she played the role of Kate in one of the first youth television series "ABCD LTD

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