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I`m a little late to be born

Author: Maria Gorin

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- Maria, the project "I have no other country ..." dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Israel. Did you find yourself in this country?

- I do not know what a "find himself," but I feel Israel is their home, and it is very pleasing. When you go out, you look in a nearby shop, and in response to your smile you are smiling people - all of this together gives a sense of home-country. With a full understanding of all the existing advantages and disadvantages. But this sense of self worth it.

- Acting - not the most profitable activity in Israel. Your partner plays "SHaraban" and "My friends call last ..." Alex Makretsky, for example, returned to St. Petersburg, where there is enough demand ...

- Interest Ask. The demand and supply of material - actually two different things. Lesha Makretskim I spoke just a couple of days ago. Yes, it really is very busy, but that does not negate the fact that, in principle, nothing to live on ...

- And you do not have any desire to return to Russia, or get re?

- My teacher Arkady I. Katzman said very precisely: "If you can not do this, you do not need to do this." I do not even know in which area I could retrain ... In any case, all the things I do, revolves around my acting profession. This theater pedagogy, and the work of the master. And to return to Russia, I`m not going.

- You have tried to work for the Hebrew-speaking stage?

- I worked in a small Israeli theaters. Personally, I have not heard something that would attract me. I have Israeli partners were not as interesting as "Russian". Again - to me personally. While I understand that there are talented actors and directors in Israel. Just our union did not work out.

- Tell us about your childhood. Do you prefer solitude or noisy company?

- I guess I loved, and then, and more. Noisy company going home time. And it was the company`s creative. If naming names, we started to transfer great, and it turns out that I`m bragging ... But the company of parents or an adult loneliness in my childhood and adolescence were much more interesting than socializing with peers. My whole life had pursued a feeling that I`m a little late to be born, it has always seemed to me to close my parents` generation. In school I suffered greatly from the collective.

Of course, I had friends, mostly boys. And it seemed to me, Behold, I will do in the theater school, and around me immediately formed a group of like-minded people. And what was my disappointment when I realized that the institute in general too alien to me people ...

- Choice of profession - is the influence of parents, artists or your conscious decision?

- The effects of no no. I think I was born with this desire - to be an actress, I just breathed it. I have long been engaged in choreography, wanted to be a ballerina, and even entered the Vaganova School. It was still such a baby crazy dream, because the Vaganova recruited at a very young age.

And then I was expelled from there because of the "fifth point". They said that "on the export of the dancers, we do not do", and as the water looked ... And so - as I can remember, my life has been connected with the theater, cinema.

- Who was your master at the institute?

- I went to the two institutions. At first, I went on a course to Arkady Iosifovich Katsman in LGITMIK. But, apparently, to their 16, I was still this is simply not ready. Until now, that turns me off from the theater - a fanaticism that human relationships are started on the side ...

Bright individuality - something for which extol the admission - then systematically struggling to destroy. Perhaps I did not come, and I even considered leaving the profession until I met Victor Karlovich Manyukov, the oldest teacher of the Moscow Art Theater, who said: "Come to me in the Moscow Art Theatre, I want to take you to your course."

Unfortunately, Viktor K. did not wait for me, died. And in the Moscow Art Theatre School, I came to the course to Ivan Mikhailovich Tarkhanov. There was an atmosphere of love. MAT teachers knew how to instill in students self-confidence, made it possible by getting rid of complexes, to try his hand in many roles.

I am very thankful that I had two such schools. Moscow Art Theater School was famous for its family warmth: there spoiled students, professors lent money, fed, extolled for every bit of success on the stage, and it was all very helpful.

A study at the Katzman gave me a very large extent is what is called trade. I am extremely grateful for what it was. Another thing is that it was not for my 16 years, when suddenly for myself, I was very adult and people with special needs in society.

- Students - usually the time of origin of the very strong friendship. You keep in touch with classmates and teachers?

- In general, of course, life has scattered us, but with someone from classmates, I support the relationship. I can not say that the study was the basis for eternal friendship - my best friends are not from an artistic environment. it is very difficult to be friends with the artists.

- As far as I know, when you came to the Moscow Art Theatre Theatre of young spectator and your Israeli works are mainly aimed at an adult audience. You have outgrown children`s plays?

- I`m in Israel a lot and with pleasure working for the children, with almost all the children`s directors here has worked. I completely outgrown children`s audience, is another question - would be good stuff. There is another subtlety.

Adult viewers can take a naked talent, without much of scenery and costumes. A child this number does not pass, there is a little talent, it should be seriously to act surprised and fascinated. Arkady Iosifovich said a remarkable phrase: "Do you go out on stage The surprise will be.?". Children and adults should be surprised by different things.

- Let`s talk about the movie. Frankly, that I can think of your work comes only "Under the sky of Verona." This is a fundamental unwillingness to work the camera, or just did not work out?

- Artists with fundamental unwillingness to work the camera does not exist. I starred in lenfilmovskoy film "Sentimental Journey on a potato" with Philip Jankowski still those dootezdnye, times. Polkartiny was based on the partnership between the two actors, but, unfortunately, most of the cut. Here, too, there are some rolki. I recently had an amazing meeting - I starred in a film with Fanny Ardant and Gerard Depardieu. It was a very nice episode. It`s nice to realize that you speak with professionals in one actor`s language. Probably, still it did not work in my film career, although I would have liked. Now I go to the negotiations with a French director. Let`s see what happens.

- With dad, Igor Alexandrovich Mushkatinym, you had to work together?

- Dad was a director at the Lenfilm studio dubbing, better dublyazhnoy Union studio. There I worked from a very young age and did with my dad a few pictures. And, interestingly, these pictures are often used successfully in the "home" version, and translated into Russian began to win prizes. In Israel, a father, we did the play "The four quarters of the way" in the theater Vyacheslav Maltsev. But for technical reasons, the play turned out to be short-lived rental ...

Here, unfortunately, I`m not talking just now about yourself, the main problem lies in the fact that the costs incurred by actors and directors, by investing in the next performance - not so much physical as mental - just do not come back, do not give that return, you would like. A lot goes into the sand.

- Your performances are filled with music. You give a lot of solo concerts, participate in a "hodgepodge." Who picks up your repertoire?

- Not all the performances are filled with music. In "The Last passionately in love," for example, it generally is not. Repertoire for myself, I, of course, pick up myself, but there is also the music director, who works with me for a long time, - Joseph Katz. He helps me a lot in this. And why are many musical performances? Since sin is the actress did not sing, if it does not bad! True?

- Do you have a hobby?

- Hobbies - this is for people who come to work and they want to escape, and even at home, I do not get distracted. Here today, for example, as passed. First I taught theater arts, then - a rehearsal, then - a meeting about the play, and now we speak - again on the work. Well, what a hobby with this schedule? I`ll never be able to escape from work. But there is, of course, the things that I like. I love horses.

- Masha, you run a theater. And in the family do not bring their leading lights manners? You do a tyrant, or vice versa - is soft and compliant?

- I - the tyrant .. Although, of course, I can all, as they say, "build", and disperse in the corners ... Otherwise simply can not survive?.

- Your children say in Russian?

- Yes, they say in Russian, read in Russian, do a lot of the language involved. My husband and I constantly struggle with mixing languages ??in their speech.

Although ... When the work with a class in Hebrew eight hours - can not help myself start to get confused. And then ask yourself: "What are you on something you want children?". But this aspect of their education, we pay a lot of attention.

- Children taking part in the theater of your life?

- Yes, they always go with me to the premiere and are very experienced. They are always the first viewers of new rooms. I must say that their evaluation is not always positive. They have a very correct assessment, each has its own, as they are all different ages. Any of view very interesting to me, because they feel intuitively that it was possible and what is not.

- Masha, you`re a very attractive woman. How do you keep in shape?

- Work, work and work again. There are no secrets. It`s very simple - three times a week gym, swimming pool, sometimes at the expense of sleep. That`s all. Well, again, if I need to overcome some little distance, I always prefer to sit on the bike, not behind the wheel of the car.

- What attracts you to other people?

- Talent in the broadest sense of the word. I have absolutely no matter in what area a person is talented, if there is a spark.

When he was a child I, like everyone else, others divided into good and bad. Over the years, it`s gone. Now they share on their own and not his. Again, regardless of social status, occupation, and other external attributes.

- Talent, say, should be hungry. Do you agree with this statement?

- Hungry - meaning no snickering? Yes, I would probably agree with that statement. There must be a sense that you can not without his case, such a hunger to be. For me personally, when, for example, in a period of time I am working on an interesting role, I exist in this space.

When it is brewed in me, I feel some kind of process, and I have, in principle, all at the moment immediately falls into place, and relationships with people, and family relationships. And when this inner fullness there, everything falls out of the hands.

- I enjoy watching the house?

- There was an opportunity, I generally would not have done. But it is not possible, so we have to do everything very quickly.

- Do you have a pet?

- I have had dogs all my life, in recent years we have lived and the dog, and cat. They were exactly the same: the dog - french bulldog and boiler pers. Both are black, with exactly the same facial expressions. They looked just like a family. Dog died half a year ago, and while I do not dare to take another. Very much isperezhivalas.

Although without a dog, I can not imagine myself at home, and children are asked. Houses have to be a dog, so I`ll, of course, the puppy.

- Many artists consider participation in the shooting or dubbing advertising something unworthy. How do you feel about this?

- I believe that the profession has a right to exist in all its forms. There is work, and there are gifts of fate. None of the great artists do not avoid it. If you are outside the profession, you fell out of it, and all of no return.

You can not sit and wait for the starring role. The actor is an elementary need to be in training and drills as told by my teachers. Dubbing - it`s all amazing, fine acting job. I somehow know about it firsthand because my parents worked for twenty-five years in the dubbing, the greatest actress of the world spoke the voice of my mother. Yes, I myself dubbed famous actresses. Although, I would not put dubbing on a par with advertising. But in any case the advertising - it is also a piece of art, and when confronted with people doing it professionally, it`s cool.

- We all have fears - something does not work, something goes wrong. How do you deal with that? How to get over their own fear?

- There`s no need to step. I really like the Hebrew expression "helmet atsmi them." Do not break yourself, do not cross over itself. Pasternak well written: "Consciousness - a lighted lamp in front of a locomotive going Notice of light inside, and a disaster to happen.".

You just have to look around and see not only themselves. And rejoice in the fact that there are not chasing after the next day. Then the person can cope with any fears.