Maria Mironova

Picture of Maria Mironova

Date of Birth: 05/28/1973

Age: 43

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

Maria Mironova as the embodiment tulip

Author: Natalia Mikor

Website: Celebrities

Recently, Ambassador of the Netherlands in Russia Tido Liter Hofstee gave Mary a certificate of honor, stating that it was the first owner of the title "Messenger of tulips in Russia. The Dutch established the international title in order to promote the culture of garden flowers and respect for nature. Mironov liked them on film "Wedding":. founders considered the personification of her Russian beauty and femininity, "We are delighted with your acting skills, - said the Ambassador of the Netherlands. - Your talent and following family traditions amaze the viewer the possibility of transformation and change images "These advantages have allowed personalize Maria Mironova with tulip -. One of the spring and delicate flowers, possessing an extraordinary variety of colors and shapes Tulip -. The most precious thing in the Dutch, for the past 400 years - it is their tradition, a symbol of faith and therefore it can be said that part of his soul Dutch people connected with this Russian actress, awarding her the title "this was unexpected and very nice -.. says Masha, - Vo first, I love the flowers, and secondly - I love Holland, where she first visited as a girl "Holland by memories of her childhood -".. fabulous abode elves, all of whose gardens and parks twined flowers "Besides letters Masha handed a huge bouquet of yellow and red tulips, delivered from the Netherlands.