Maria Mironova

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Date of Birth: 06/01/1911

Age: 86

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Winner of the First All-Union Competition of performers (1939).


December 24, 1910 (New Style and January 7, 1911) in Moscow, the son of a school teacher Elizabeth Ivanovna and employee Vladimir Nikolayevich Mironov daughter Masha. Masha`s father was very fond of art: music, painting, theater. This love he tried to instill in others and, especially her daughter.

When Masha was seven years old, she was sent to study in the experimental demonstration Fridtjof Nansen school. There she began to learn the basics of theater art. She has participated in almost all school theater productions. Much she did not, but Maria did not give up: even then she started being produced persistent character. That persistence helped her later to become a great actress.

Implementation dream

In 1925, Maria Mironova, after graduating from the seven grades of school, was admitted to the College of Theatre Lunacharsky. A year later, together with other students, she made her debut on the stage of contemporary miniatures. In the comedy Basil Shkvarkin "harmful elements" Mironov played the role of Manka. Kultkomissiya then praised the student`s work, highlighting Maria Mironova, "which gave a clear and complete image". But most importantly, on the aspiring actress she drew the attention of the Moscow Art Theater actor 2nd Vladimir Popov. He then advised to go to Mary`s good theater ...

In the spring of 1927 Maria Mironova graduated from theater school. To get right to the Moscow Art Theatre it failed - to take only union members. And then Mary got a job in a subsidiary of the Moscow Operetta Theater, where for some time she danced in the corps de ballet. There she was admitted to the union, which allowed it to submit documents in the fall of the Moscow Art Theatre.

theater and music

Competition in the MAT 2nd Maria Mironova was successful. From the very first roles (Fani in the play "Uncle Tom`s Cabin" and Maroussia in the play "A matter of honor I.Mikitenko"), it has proved a bright Distinguishing actress. The famous Sophia Giatsintova remembering noted that Mironov "to no one is attached, in any group are not included, and thus the matter belonged holy, with great zeal."

But for a long time to work in the theater did not have to Mironova. Role s, for various reasons, got it a little, and then, as time, turned up an invitation to the new artistic director of the Moscow State Music Hall Nikolai Volkonsky. Maria Mironova accepted the invitation.

Also in 1928, Maria was a misfortune - dead parents, and after that seriously ill she was. For a long time the actress was not working, and when recovered -To apply to the Central teatrtransporta (later it will be called theater. Gogol).

In parallel with the work on the "big stage" Maria Mironova started its activity on the platform. In his first speech, she read with great success, "a classic case of the" Anton Chekhov. This was followed by the new show. Surname Mary began to print on posters next to the famous actors ...

Inspired Mironov decided to take a new step, declaring himself in three persons: the author, director and performer. It appeared on stage for the first time Capa, and with it a new genre - telephone conversations.

Black fitted jacket, a long straight colored skirt with bright red ruffled bottom, canvas tennis shoes, old red fox with a shabby tail around the neck, on the head a woolen red beret with a small upright ... Capa by Mironova was simply inimitable, the audience to hysterical laughter.

After Capa Mironov continued to "talk on the phone" in images Dusi, Clara, Marochko ... These miniatures or she composed herself, either, or with the help of writers and Ugryumova Polyakova. Heroines were different, but they all have one thing in common - idle talk, passion for gossip, sensationalism, impudence and ignorance.

In 1939 Mironova miniatures were awarded the prize of the First All-Union Competition entertainers.

The debut on the silver screen

In those same years Maria Mironova debuted on the silver screen. Her first job was the role of secretary Byvalova in the legendary comedy Grigory Alexandrov "Volga-Volga". There were other roles, but they have remained in the shadow of variety performances actress. More precisely, a new bright actor couple - Maria Mironova, Aleksandr Menaker. But first things first

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